Is There No End To Reality TV?

October 14, 2008 – 5:31 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

The infamous Butterbean joins Dan LeBetard on 790 the Ticket in Miami to promote the new TV show “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling” on CMT.  Also appearing on the show are Dennis Rodman, Frank Stallone, Todd Bridges and former singer Tiffany.  I am so done with reality TV, but I do love Butterbean.

Full disclosure, I had lunch with him after he did an appearance on a radio show I worked on in Seattle.  Went to sushi and not surprisingly he can put down some food.  Engaging guy who told us he has an open marriage.  Scary to think there are Butterbean groupies in every city.

In terms of the Hulkster, I loved wrestling but never fell prey to his spell.  Now maybe a show hosted by Roddy Piper and I’d be watching!

Listen to Butterbean Interview.

Butterbean groupies! Where did I go wrong?

Butterbean groupies! Where did I go wrong?

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