Tom Verducci Breaks Down Both League Championship Series

October 14, 2008 – 4:37 pm by Michael Bean

Tom Verducci  of Sports Illustrated talks with Dan Patrick about both the Tampa-Boston series and the Phils-Dodgers series. Verducci emphasizes how the Sox are missing the clutch production of Big Papi and Patrick retorts that perhaps Boston misses Manny Ramirez anchoring the lineup. Tim Wakefield takes the mound for Boston in a pivotal Game 4 this evening.

In the National League, Verducci predictably calls Philadelphia to continue riding their momentum in to the Fall Classic. Keep listening though, Dan Patrick has a gem of a question to kick off their conversation about the NLCS.

Yes, Dan. Matt Stairs is still in baseball.

Yes, Dan. Matt Stairs is still in baseball.

Listen here.

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