Who Knew Matt Ryan Would Be This Good This Fast?

October 14, 2008 – 4:58 pm by Jimmy Shapiro
Troy Aikman was 1-15 his rookie year.  Peyton Manning led the league in interceptions.  Then there are the nightmare stories of Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Akili Smith and so many other quarterbacks that started in the NFL as a rookie.

Not only has Matt Ryan been exceptional, but his poise for a rookie is unheard of in the NFL.  Without question, the Falcons have been the biggest surprise in the NFL.  A first time GM who hired a first time head coach who is starting a rookie quarterback and a first time starter at running back and they’re shocking the whole league.

Even if the Falcons come back to Earth and finish at 7-9, this season would have to be considered a success.

Here’s Matt Ryan on the morning show on 790 the Zone in Atlanta.

Even Ebert would give Matt Ryan a thumbs up his play this year.

Even Ebert would give Matt Ryan a thumbs up for his play this year.

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