He’s Found the Fountain of Youth

October 21, 2008 – 5:19 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

It’s like when Michael Corleone said in Godfather III, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Every time I think Bernard Hopkins is done, he puts on a virtuoso performance like he did against Kelly Pavlik.

After two average performances and two losses against Jermain Taylor, B-Hop jumps up two weight classes and demolishes Antonio Tarver.  Hopkins looked old, and justifiably so, against Joe Calzaghe, clutching, grabbing, and throwing very few punches in what looked to be his last fight.

Yes, I know boxers never truly retire, but the sport retires them.  Then at age 43, Hopkins puts on his best performance since his destruction of Felix Trinidad in 2001.  And Pavlik is no bum.  He hits like a mule.

Bernard Hopkins joined The Tony Bruno Show on Monday after his huge win.

Listen to B-Hop Interview

Hopkins is aging like a fine wine.

Hopkins is aging like a fine wine.

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