Super Bowl Analysis and Interviews

February 2, 2009 – 3:20 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

Here’s my Super Bowl Thoughts and Analysis, Larry King style and interviews from each team below that:

  • When the Cardinals went up 23-20, all I was hoping for was overtime followed by the team that won the coin flip winning the Super Bowl.  That would have been so horrible for the NFL and would have forced them to change the ridiculous overtime rules in place.  They lucked out.
  • I don’t ever remember a Super Bowl that had more big plays decided by replay.  Man, the referees had a nearly impossible job to do in SB XLIII.
  • It’s hard to say one play was the deciding factor in the game, but the interception at the end of the half was one of the five or six biggest plays in Super Bowl history.  It’s the reason James Harrison won Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Why do I feel the need to always eat pizza during the Super Bowl.
  • I’ve said this to anyone who will listen to me (all six of you), that Ben Roethlisberger will go down as one of the greatest winners in NFL history.  It may not always be smooth or pretty, but he finds a way to win.
  • There’s more including interviews after the break.

  • I love the fact that Matt Millen, the worst GM in sports history, picked the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. Right then and there, I knew the Steelers were going to win.
  • set a prop with an over/under of number of times NBC would show Brenda Warner during the game at 3 and a half.  In the first half there were none, but there 4 in the second half and the over was the winner.  I just found out she’s forty-one, but looks like she’s in her late forties.
  • That pass that Kurt Warner threw at the end of the half should have never been thrown.  You have twenty seconds left and enough time for three quick passes and a field goal.  I throw nothing but fades to Larry Fitzgerald.  He’s the best player to throw the fade route to since 6’8″ Harold Carmichael.  His catch on his first touchdown pass proved that.
  • Watching the Super Bowl with a two and half year old daughter isn’t easy.   Convincing her we can’t watch Dora until after the game is almost impossible.
  • If the Cardinals win the game, 95% of the people would have picked Kurt Warner as the MVP.  I would have picked Darnell Dockett.  He changed the game around in the second half for the Cardinals.
  • Mike Tomlin’s speech/interview with Dan Patrick after the game was the best and most real speech I’ve ever seen by a coach after a game.  He’s going to be a great coach for the Steelers for a long time.
  • Kudos to both run defenses as neither team averaged more than 2.8 yards per carry.
  • Kurt Warner is a tremendous quarterback and with good protection, the most accurate quarterback I’ve ever seen.  That being said, he’s the most fortunate quarterback ever to have played with Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt in St. Louis and Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin in Arizona.  Legendary quarterbacks like John Elway and Brett Favre never even had one wide receiver as good as any of those four players.  Tom Brady and Donovan McNabb not coincidentally had their best seasons playing with Randy Moss and Terrell Owens respectively.
  • Santonio Holmes made himself a lot of money with his play in the Super Bowl.

Most of the players and coaches have not done individual interviews yet, but we will continually add to the list below.  We have heard from Santonio Holmes, the Super Bowl MVP.

Listen to Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes on ESPN Radio with Mike & Mike

Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt on ESPN Radio on Sunday Night with Mike Tirico (at 13 minute mark)

Former Cardinal and Current Color Analyst for the Radio Broadcast Ron Wolfley on ESPN Radio

Steelers LB Larry Foote on The Chris Myers and Steve Hartman Show on FOX Sports Radio

Cardinals now free agent LB Karlos Dansby on with Gambo & Ash of KTAR

Steelers S Ryan Clark on KLAC

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