NCAA College Football National Signing Day: It’s Division 1 Football!

February 5, 2009 – 2:04 am by Michael Bean

Does Colorado Buffaloes head coach Dan Hawkins deserve his own post here on SRI as we attempt to bring you the reactions from as many college coaches around the country in the wake of signing day Wednesday? Probably not, but since we’re still culling other Big 12 coaches interviews, let’s give him his own stage to hopefully deliver something as memorable as this timeless classic:

Ok, ok. I doubt we’ll ever hear something quite as hysterical from a college football coach, at least no time soon. I suppose Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy gave him a run for his money with his ‘I’m a man’ rant last year.

As I digress.

This is a big year for Hawkins and the Buffs. Last year they were young, got piss poor play from the coaches’ son at QB, and were ravaged by a litany of injuries to their offensive linemen early in the season. The result was a 5-7 record and just two conference wins. Hawkins did land prize RB recruit Darell Scott last year so there are things to be excited about in Boulder as he gets ready for his sophomore year.

How about this year’s crop of talent though? Let’s find out. Hawkins joined KKFN on Wednesday to talk about his incoming class.

Listen here


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