A-Roid Palooza Part Deux

February 10, 2009 – 6:22 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

On Monday, here at SRI, we did a monster posting with over twenty-five different interviews and storylines regarding A-Rod and the steroid story broken by Selena Roberts and David Epstein of Sports Illustrated.

This story isn’t going away anytime soon, especially with spring training right around the corner.  Once again, many sports radio stations conducted interviews with people in and around baseball to discuss A-Roid.

Below you’ll hear interviews from Yankees Manager Joe Girardi, former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent, Former Founder and Head of the MLBPA Marvin Miller, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti,  some important guy named Obama, former Yankee and current MLB Network Analyst Al Leiter,  a body language expert, Detroit Tigers player Curtis Granderson,  and a few others.

Joe Girardi, Yankees Manager, was surprised by the news.  Always thought Alex was clean.  “I felt like he was truly sorry which is the most important thing.”  Girardi also said, “Teammates have already started to rally around him,”  and “I love this game so much and I don’t want to ever see us in a bad light and we’ve been in a bad light for five years.  Because there are still lists out there, you wonder when this is going to stop.”  On Alex’s ability to focus this year at the plate Girardi said, “Alex is used to getting booed and he’s been able to shut it out.”

Listen to Joe Girardi on WFAN in New York with Mike Francesa

Fay Vincent, former MLB Commissioner,  thinks performance enhancement drugs are here to stay. “The money and the corruption are very difficult to get beyond.”  Vincent also said, “The public will separate out the way it respects these people.  The greatest disinfectant is sunlight and showing the sunlight on this is all you have to do.”  I was especially intrigued by this Vincent comment, “We were dealing with cocaine, I thought steroids was a football issue.”

Listen to Fay Vincent on Fox Sports Radio with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman

Marvin Miller, former MLBPA Founder and President,is still defending players to the death! Maybe he’s trying to get Don Fehr’s job, even though he’s 91.  Blames this whole steroids scandal on the media and not the players.  Check out some of these comments:  “Nobody in the entire world has run a scientific test to determine what these steroids do or don’t do.  I doubt they will prove to be performance enhancing.” Miller talks about running tests with steroids and placebos to test if steroids really do enhance performance. Completely only thinks about the players and their rights and never the game of baseball as a whole and the fans. 

Listen to Marvin Miller on Fox Sports Radio with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman

Selena Roberts, Sports Illustrated Writer,  who along with David Epstein broke the story on Saturday, addresses Alex Rodriguez’s claims of her stalking him and breaking into his home.  Roberts says, “I can tell you that that long list of things he alleged is a complete fabrication.”  Maybe it’s some way to divert attention away from what he’s gone through and what he did from 2001 to 2003.  I can’t get inside that guy’s head.  I never rang his doorbell, I never stepped on his property,  I never stopped in his driveway, I was never anywhere near his house.”

Listen to Selena Roberts on The Dan Patrick Show

Doug Glanville, former MLB player for the Cubs, Phillies, and Rangers, and a bright guy who went to Penn, wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times.  During the interview in Chicago Glanville had this to say, “Culture is a fair word, but not an excuse or a reason because I was in that culture too. I understand how players make these types of decisions. I understand in this hyper-competitive environment  you have a lot of players that are looking over their shoulder every day and they know the guy next store is doing this and he got ahead of me. They know when we go to contract time you’re competing against  guys that are like you in your service class based on your numbers. So you can get very short-sighted about the implications of your decisions.”

Listen to Doug Glanville on WSCR in Chicago with Boers and Bernstein

Dan Plesac, former reliever,  has some interesting thoughts on this. Plesac had this to say about players that did steroids, “You know what you are doing is wrong morally.  It wasn’t okay and everyone that was doing it knew in the bottom of their heart what they were doing was wrong.”  Plesac continues to go after the players, “Most of the blame has to go with the players because they felt like they had a free pass. You weren’t going to pay the consequences for getting caught.”

Listen to Dan Plesac on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis with Dan Dakich

Janine Driver, a body language and detecting deception expert, believes some of what A-Roid said during his acting perfomance with Peter Gammons: “I believe him when he says he was clean with the Yankees. We don’t see him trying to convince us of something.  I  believe him when he says the steroids was just during that isolated period.” She also discusses if he’s contrite, “He does feel bad , but  leaks contempt when he says that which is moral superiority.  So it says essentially I have my own rules, and at the time he’s trying to justify it with his facial expressions”

Listen to Janine Driver on ESPN Radio NY with Max Kellerman (about 18 minutes into the podcast)

Ned Colletti, Dodgers GM,  thought it was a good move by A-Roid to fess up: “Boy I hope we get by it at some point. I thought that not knowing A-Rod, I think what he did was a smart move and a right move. I think those players that have admitted what they’ve done have had an easier road and it’s a much more forgiving country when you admit to making a mistake than when you deny it.”

Listen to Dodgers GM Ned Colletti on Fox Sports Radio and KLAC with Petros & Money

Al Leiter, former MLB pitcher and current MLB Network analyst, had a unique spin to this.  Sounded like he was talking about the movie “The Breakfast Club’ when he said this, ‘It was like in high school and you had the motorheads and you had the potheads and you had the brainiacs and the jocks. And you really didn’t know who was doing what. Not to be naive because I was curious, but I have no idea and nobody ever came to me and say ‘oh my gosh Al, they got me.”

Listen to Al Leiter on WFAN in New York with Mike Francesa

Curtis Granderson, Tigers centerfielder, when asked about if players talk about the subject in the clubhouse, had this to say, “One of the things that always comes up [in clubhouses] is what guys you think might have done it in the past.  Guys that older players have played against and next off-season they come back looking looking physically bigger. They couldn’t naturally get that big during the off-season.”

Listen here to Tigers OF Curtis Granderson with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio

Mark Fainaru-Wade, from ESPN and of “Game of Shadows” fame, when asked about how this story got in the hands of reporters at Sports Illustrated, Fainaru-Wada said: “It’s really connected to the BALCO scandal in a weird way.”

Listen here to ESPN’s Mark Fainaru-Wada on XTRA 910 in Phoenix on Monday

President Barack Obama, even gets in on the action in his national address on Monday.

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