A-Roid Palooza 33 1/3

February 11, 2009 – 12:13 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

Ok, I promise this is the last time I do a massive posting about Alex Rodriguez.  My fingers may be crossed while I’m typing this as I know other things will leak out, but there are still interesting interviews out there on this topic.

In this mini-post, we’ll hear from the outspoken Curt Schilling, another outspoken guy in David Wells, and current Yankee teammate Johnny Damon.  Everyone has an opinion on this as we’ll also hear from Coach K and wrestler John Cena.

Curt Schilling, former MLB player (although he isn’t officially retired), has been for honesty  and openness in the steroids era fo years.  Schilling thinks it’s unfair A-Rod is being singled out, “There is no possible way this guy deserves to be standing out on an island by himself.”  Schilling talks about the dynamics of the locker room, “I’m in the locker room with 25 guys,and I’m not socializing with everyone of those guys everyday.  You have your clique of players that you hang out with that you locker next to,  but I don’t know the intimate details of 90% of the guys that I played with.  Steroids, it’s not like a guy would sit down on the couch in the middle of the locker room pull out his vile and inject himself.  I played 23 years, I never saw it, but I know it happened.”

Listen to Curt Schilling on WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton

Andre Dawson, former MLB player, is one guy who may benefit greatly from the A-Roid news.  Dawson has been on the Hall of Fame bubble for years now.  I personally think he should absolutely be in the Hall.  Players should be elected on how they stack up against their peers from the era they played in not based on milestones of 500 home runs or a .300 batting average.  “It seems like every spring there is something that gives baseball a black eye and kind of takes over the luster of spring training. I just would like to see all of this surface once and for all and it’s behind us and we go on with the game.” Dawson also calls out Lenny Dykstra in particular during the interview.


David Wells, long time pitcher,wasn’t surprised by the news that A-Roid cheated. “You just see the bodies transform into Lou Ferrigno’s, like bodybuilders.  When you’re hitting balls opposite field like that with authority when you shouldn’t be doing that, then you kinda know something is up maybe.”  On A-Rod taking steroids, “He had already played six years when he started taking them, he knew they were a no-no.”

Listen to David Wells on XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Scott and BR

Johnny Damon, Yankees centerfielder, realizes he’s going to get bombarded with Alex Rodriguez questions throughout spring training.  Damon talks about the leakage, “When Alex positive test became leaked, that made 103 other nervous people out there.  Unfortunately we’re playing in this era and I’m not proud of that at all.” On peoples’ skepticism when players say they never saw steroids in the clubhouse,  “I know why it’s being asked, but to be honest with you I’m not walking into a bathroom stall with another man..”

Listen to Johnny Damon on WFAN with Benigno and Roberts

Mike Krzyzewski , Duke coach, had this to say about A-Rod, “It’s an example of what that culture must have been at that time. You would think athletes would know what they are putting in their bodies but you’d be surprised. When he was talking about that culture, but look. I went to West Point during the ’60s and, the 60s you try to explain that period of time, and then the ’70s was different. In other words, there are somethings that people can become casual about in different periods that they are not casual about in other times. So again, I see where that can happen. That doesn’t excuse you but at least you try to understand what the environment was like at that time.”

Listen to Coach K on the Dan Patrick Show

John Cena, WWE wrestler, is someone who has surely seen his share of steroids in the WWE locker room. Cena thinks performance enhancing drugs are here to stay, “Here’s the bottom line with this. There’s recreational drugs that get you quote-unquote high. Then there’s those performance enhancing drugs. They increase athletic performance….basically you have a group of athletes who are willing to risk everything. They do this stuff because it works, because it increases performance. You won’t see that go away any time soon.”

Listen to John Cena on KNBR in San Francisco

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