Cowboys QB Legends Join Forces

February 27, 2009 – 9:19 am by Michael Bean

Former Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys – Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach – joined ESPN Radio Dallas on Thursday to talk about their respective playing careers, Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, and the leg work they’ve been contributing to help Dallas get Super Bowl VL.

What? You think Aikman could sit down and talk Cowboys football and Tony Romo without talking about himself and how he went about things during his Hall of Fame career? Pfft. Please! In all seriousness, this was a good exchange between two legends. Here’s a few quotes from the interview, after the two get done talking about their itinerary lately trying to land the Super Bowl in Jerry World in 2011.

Staubach: “I think the Cowboys have been humbled this past two years. I think they have the talent, and I really feel they’re going to get it together and not have the same attitude they had going into this season where they maybe acted like they were owed the playoffs. You got to earn it, and fight for it.”

Aikman: “I see Dallas and I get the vantage point of being able to look at a lot of other teams up close and personal because of the broadcasting job. There’s no question that I know when you don’t go out and have success, then nobody wants to hear it. You know, everybody enjoyed hearing that the Cowboys were arguably the most talented team in the NFL in August. But then when you go through the season and you don’t make the playoffs then you see a lot of people starting to come off that a little.

I’m talking about within the organization because by admitting that they’re a very talented team, you’re also acknowledging that you underachieved.”

Aikman on Terrell Owens: “I don’t think T.O will be back and then if that’s the case, is that a positive or a negative? I think overwhelmingly people would generally say that’s a good thing. Maybe it is. If in the locker room that creates some harmony and people are able to go out and relax, then maybe so.”

Aikman on Romo: “I think the world of Tony Romo. I think he’s a hell of a QB. He’s got amazing skills, very unique to that position in the league right now. I think Tony’s going to win a lot of playoff games. The only reason I don’t say Super Bowls is I think the organization has to show they’re capable of making the right decisions of giving the team a chance to win big. And if they don’t, I don’t care if you have Joe Montana playing QB, that guy’s not going to win at the level that I was able to.”

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