NFL Free Agency Under Way – Redskins Huge Early Players..Surprise!

February 27, 2009 – 10:57 am by Michael Bean

The Washington Redskins decided that last year’s minimal dabbling in free agency wasn’t fun enough for Dan Snyder and GM Vinny Cerato. They’re back to their old ways in 2009 signing DT Albert Haynesworth to a mega deal worth $100+ million over 7 years. They also re-signed CB DeAngelo Hall just after the clock struck midnight Friday morning.

“With the addition of Albert, what he does is helps everybody else gets sacks, turnovers. When I talked to all our players prior to all this about getting Albert Haynesworth they were all ecstatic. I kind of told them what our plans were and they said go get the big guy, that’s what we need.”

Can you hear that? The money clanking in the bank?

Listen here to GM Vinny Cerato on ESPN Radio Washington D.C. Friday

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