Brian Dawkins Ends An Interview In Philly Because He’s Too Distraught

February 28, 2009 – 6:47 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

B Dawk will never do this again in an Eagles uniform.

Brian Dawkins will never do this again in an Eagles uniform.

Just typing this is very sad for me.  I’m a born and bred die-hard Philadelphia sports fan and we love our Iggles.  The thought of Brian Dawkins, BDawk, Weapon X, on a different team in a different uniform is unfathomable.  Yes, I know that I’m one of many Philadelphia sports fans that take our sports way too seriously.  Yes, I know sports is a business and I also know that Jerry Rice ended his career in Seattle and Joe Montana ended his career in KC and Brett Favre ended his career with the Jets. 

I get it, I really do.  Plus Dawkins has his limitations on the field these days.  His cover skills aren’t what they used to be.  Still doesn’t make it any easier.  Brian Dawkins understands the Philadelphia fan mentality better than any other athlete that I’ve ever seen.  That’s the main reason why he was and will always be so beloved in the city of brotherly love.  That’s the reason why if you went to an Eagles game you would see as many Dawkins jerseys as you would McNabb and Westbrook.

In Andy Reid’s regime, if the Eagles let a player get to free agency, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that he’s gone.  Other than Derrick Burgess and maybe Carlos Emmons, every player the Iggles let walk was the right move.  I doubt we’ll ever really find out if the Eagles truly wanted Dawkins back in 2009.  If they did, they obviously low-balled him and thought his market value was nil.  He’ll be making more in 2009 than he did in any of the three previous seasons.  Dawkins still makes plays behind the line of scrimmage and I think is the emotional leader and sets an example of how to be a professional that every team needs.

It will be especially strange not seeing Dawkins come out of the Eagles tunnel during introductions and “becoming an idiot” as he described it.  The Broncos play in Philly during the 2009 season and I guarantee that Dawkins will get the biggest and longest ovation in Eagles history.  I don’t think Dawkins ever wanted to leave Philly, but I can’t blame him for taking a tremendous offer from the Broncos. 

After Dawkins signed with the Broncos, he did a phone interview with Derrick Gunn of Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia.  Dawkins voice was cracking as he was obvioulsy heartbroken about leaving Philly and he had to end the interview after only 1 minute and 54 seconds because he was too distraught to continue. 

Listen to Brian Dawkins Interview on Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia

Here’s a Brian Dawkins tribute video that the NFL Network created. 

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  1. 16 Responses to “Brian Dawkins Ends An Interview In Philly Because He’s Too Distraught”

  2. that was by far, the saddest i’ve ever heard him!
    i love dawk, always will, so i’ll drink some orange kool aid in honor of his new team! best believe i’ll sport the orange #20 @ the game too this year!

    great write up on Dawk~!~thank you for it. he’ll give to denver what they’ve been missing since johnny lynch !! i will miss him terribly!!

    as for the eagles organization, i really don’t have any nice things to say right now so i’ll keep it shut on that !

    By CK0712 on Mar 1, 2009

  3. Does anybody know what is the name of the song played during the video? I’d really appreciate it.

    By Dan on Mar 1, 2009

  4. Dan–

    the song is called “Requiem”,by Mozart…this version is a modern version, obviously.

    By Joe on Mar 1, 2009

  5. I can GUARANTEE you that the city of Philadelphia could get 150,000 people to pony up $20 bucks each to keep Dawkins in Philly until retirement.


    It is a sad day in Philadelphia, like it was when Reggie left, when Charmichael left, when Montana left SF, when Rice left SF, when Emmett left DAL. This is a business, and the fans in Philly would have paid him, even in this economy.

    Brain, I know youre PISSED. I am too. you ARE Philadelphia. Best of luck to you in Denver and we will see you BACK IN PHILLY next year, if only for an afternoon.

    By sean donnelly on Mar 1, 2009

  6. I want to thank you for this article. I also can not believe what the Eagles just did their fan base. I am a life long fan and I plan on staying a fan, but in protest I will not go to any games next year, except the Denver game.

    My two friends just cancelled their season ticket subscription. They said that first Reggie now Dawk. Don’t the Eagles have any class left to allow the most important player in team history to just retire and play as only an Eagle….so what if he became a back up…he would have done anyting for Philly to win. The Management should have asked him and he would have stayed. The money is a joke of a reason….38 million under the salary cap.

    There is no other person in free agency to give this money to. Unless they trade for B. Edwards or A. Boldin.

    I am lost and do not know if I can ever trust the Eagles Management again. However, I only believe in Andy. You can tell in his interview about Dawk, that he was pissed!

    So, Dawk, see you in philly and I hope you have the greatest game of your career!

    By Cameron on Mar 1, 2009

  7. The actual song in the video is Clint Mansell’s “Lux Aeterna.”

    It was featured in Requiem for a Dream.

    By juice springsteen on Mar 1, 2009

  8. I cannot believe the arrogance, the “unsportsman like conduct” of the Eagles!
    Brian has been my all time fav Eagles Player, [Reggie a close 2nd]in 25 years of being a fan!
    I have lost total respect for Eagles management.
    I love the idea of buying a #20 orange Jersey, I’ll add it to my collection of other Dawkins jerseys…..I suppose I will always be an Eagles fan, but I cannot even think of that right now…Go Broncos!

    By Gayle on Mar 1, 2009

  9. What a way to treat someone that has given everything he had to an organization. But i guess at the end of the day it is a business and if success is measured by championships then the eagles suck at doing business. I guess eagles forgot that he was a pro bowler this year and that he was without a doubt the leader on a defense that ranked third in the league in total defense. I for one shed a couple tears when i saw that interview and the press conference that dawkins when he was introduced as a bronco. im an eagles fan but im bitter right now cause my eagle of all time is gone, the one that allowed to bleed eagles green and the one of the most genuine people in the world. i know that when i watch the eagles play the broncos this year i will be wearing a dawkins bronco jersey cheering for dawkins. Thanks again eagles front office for reminding me that it is a business and that as long as you continue to run your business this way i will never see the eagles win a super bowl.

    By mark on Mar 1, 2009

  10. Dawk is the man… We are going to miss him in philly more then any player that played. I’m a fan of Dawkins and i always will be. I think he wanted to stay an Eagle, so i think that the eagles offered him crap because otherwise he’d still be wearing that green.
    I’m not very pleased with the Eagles organization right now, They lost a great player and all around good person in Dawk. I’m nervous to see our defense this upcoming season

    By Kyle on Mar 1, 2009

  11. I just can’t believe they let him go. I live in San Diego now, but am a green-bleeding Eagles fan. I will see BDawk when the Broncos play the Chargers, and I’ll be wearing my #20 Eagles jersey. I’ll always be an Eagles fan, but management consistently makes personnel decisions that are contrary to what fans want, and make no sense when they claim they want to win championships. Brian Dawkins was the heart and soul of the Eagles, not just the D but the team. It’s going to take a long time to get over this one.

    By Lauren on Mar 1, 2009

  12. Dawkins truly was the Heart & Soul of the Philadelphia Eagles! While we appreciate having Westbrook, McNabb, Samuel & others here in Philly, no one and I mean no one lived or breathed passion into philadelphia sports such as the Dawkins did! You can replace players. Unfortunately for the Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Dawkins is more than “a player”, he is truly a once in a lifetime legend! As sad as Dawkins was in the interview is the same sadness that we are now going through here in Philadelphia!

    By Rob on Mar 1, 2009

  13. Dawk was the pulse of the eagles and motivated those players like no one else could, including the entire coaching staff! We are season ticket holders and have already purchased our orange #20 jerseys! Maybe the organization will realize what Dawk has left in him when he puts a beating on our offense this season! And I’ll venture to guess that the stadium will go wild every time he does! I know we will be!!! We will miss you, Dawk, and THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! You’re in a class all your own!

    By Diane on Mar 2, 2009

  14. I am very pissed, not just because the birds didn’t resign BDAWK, but because they don’t take their fans seriously. If they did, BDAWK would still be here, Houshmandzadeh would be here, and many more….$40 million cap room? One of the highest, and nothing to show for it? CHEAPNESS is the word of the Eagle Franchise…Look at the Skins. They only had $8 million cap room and signed Albert Haynesworth and Deangelo Hall. Did the eagles forget who pays the bills? Did they forget who spends their hard earned money? Did they forget who bleeds green, year in and year out? That’s right!!! It’s the fans, and to act like the fans don’t know crap, is ludacris…We are not stupid, and even multiple networks have said Philadelphia fans are the smartest fans in the league. I say every eagles fan, to boycott the 2009 eagles season, until they can learn to listen to what the fans want, since we are the ones who pay to see them…Fight the urge to watch them for one season, and see what a change the front office makes in listening to the consumer. Why should we pay for an inferior product? Even McNabb doesn’t want to be apart of something that doesn’t want to help themselves. I don’t blame him. Get Bolden, or I and many others will boycott the 2009 season. Give the 1st and 3rd rounder, like John Clayton reported it may take, and through in a little extra, like a 6th or a 7th, so AZ won’t think twice. Also, get Knowshon Moreno with the other 1st rounder, not Beanie “I gots hurt” Wells, to back up Westbrook….He’s compared to Barry Sanders, and I don’t know about everybody else, but I’d like to see a Barry Sanders type caliber player on my team. I didn’t capitalize the eagles, on purpose, because they, at this moment, don’t even deserve any respect. Viva La Weapon X!!! #20

    By Chris in Knoxville, TN on Mar 2, 2009

  15. I’ve alrdy purchased my Orange #20 and will be wearing it proudly while still supporting my birds.

    By Joe on Mar 5, 2009

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