Galloway, Brooks Talk as Free Agents

February 28, 2009 – 3:15 pm by Doug Farrar

On Friday, former Tampa Bay Bucs Derrick Brooks and Joey Galloway joined Steve “Big Dog” Duemig on 620 WDAE in Tampa to talk about the Bucs’ youth movement — apparently, anyone older than 32-year-old head coach Raheem Morris is out the door, as Brooks and Galloway were last week.

Brooks, who had been with the team since he was drafted in the second round in 1995, had the harder go as far as his own acceptance of the release — and certainly the fans weren’t happy with perhaps the greatest Buccaneer ever being cast aside (Duemig sounded pretty emotional himself). At about 1 hour and 30 minutes into the linked audio, Brooks talked about his initial feelings about the release:

“The direction they decided to go didn’t include me, so I stand here and respect that. Right now, it’s a process of me lining up options before me. One thing I am going to do is take my time in dong it, so I can evaluate everything. So, I’ll just go through my three ways of doing it — Prayer, Patience, and Purpose.”

Galloway had been with Tampa since 2004, spending a great deal of that time as the team’s only consistent receiving threat (which they found out then he was hurt in the 2007 playoff loss to the Giants, and Jeff Garcia almost got killed by New York’s front four because there was nobody else to throw to). The 37-year-old Galloway talked about his conversation with Brooks, and the fact that he wanted to be sure that his ex-teammate was okay, before discussing his own future plans (about one hour and 10 minutes into the linked audio file):

“I do know that not playing has not crossed my mind. I feel great — there was definitely no wear and tear on my body from last year (he only played in nine games), because I didn’t play much. I’m looking forward to a fresh start and just getting back to playing football.”

Careful, Bucs — it sounds to this writer as if you’ve released two very proud veterans with a bit left in the tank. And if Kellen (“I used to be a soldier — now I’m a pirate!”) Winslow is the best the new regime can do with the gross national product of France in cap space, these could be dark times, indeed.

Click here to listen to Derrick Brooks and Joey Galloway on 620 WDAE! (Brooks at 1 hour and 30 minutes, Galloway at 1 hour 10 minutes)

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