Dawkins Does An Interview In Philly Without Crying

March 3, 2009 – 4:05 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

This is an absolutely brilliant sports radio move by 950 ESPN Philadelphia.  They taped an interview with Brian Dawkins with hosts Mac and Mayes today (Tuesday) and they’re not airing it until 10 am ET on Wednesday morning.  They’re teasing it all throughout today with snippets from the interview.

I promise you the Eagles fans are frothing at the mouth to hear from Brian Dawkins.  They want to know why he’s not back in an Eagles uniform. Here on SRI we posted the first Philadelphia interview that Brian Dawkins did on Saturday after signing with the Broncos and he was too distraught to continue. In the few quotes regarding the Eagles, Dawkins has been classy and wasn’t willing to discuss what went on behind close doors.

Until now that is.  SRI has obtained a good portion (close to eight minutes) of the interview that Mac and Mayes on ESPN Philly taped on Tuesday.  For the full interview, check out ESPN Philly at 10 am ET on Weds.  Here are some of the highlights:

Did the Eagles let it be known they can go on without you?

“Yeah, in so many words.  For that organization, this was a business deal and it was not business for me.  People think I wanted to get to free agency.  I did not want to get to free agency.  I’ve never gone to free agency.  I’ve had times in the past where I could have collected big bucks on the open market, but I did not want to get there.  So why would I want to get there all of a sudden now on my last contract.  No, I wanted to be an Eagle.”

On if talks with the Eagles got contentious:

“I wouldn’t say ugly, I would just say that they opened my eyes right away that this was a business deal that this wasn’t about me being here, who I am to the team to my teammates and what I’m continuing to do.  It was about my age and a business decision and that really hurt.”

On how the Eagles made him feel:

“At the end of the day you’re a 36 year old safety.”

On the contract that the Eagles offered him:

“What I was offered, that was it. I wouldn’t say take it or leave it offer.  No one gave me any impression that there would be any flexibility in it.”

Was owner Jeffrey Lurie involved in the negotiations?

“I don’t know if he was involved in the negotiation, but I feel like if perhaps he was things would be different right now.”

Listen to preview of Brian Dawkins on ESPN 950 Philadelphia

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  2. HA! sweet, smoke it Dawkins haters & ppl. that say he left here only for the money. I never ever thought that! I’m gonna sip orange kool aid while i listen to Dawk talk!! Thank you~!~

    By CK0712 on Mar 3, 2009

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