Charles Barkley On His Time In The Joint And Wanting To Beat Up Rush Limbaugh

March 12, 2009 – 9:08 am by Jimmy Shapiro

Charles Barkley is back.  Irreverent, funny, and and refreshingly honest. 

Barkley did an interview with Howard Eskin on WIP in Philadelphia on Wednesday and was tremendous.  The Sixers are playing a game in the old Spectrum on Friday before the building gets demolished for a huge shopping and entertainment area by all the stadiums and arenas in South Philly.  Barkley spent the first 10-15 minutes of the interview reminiscing about his time in Philly with Dr. J, Moses Malone, and Mo Cheeks.  He’s got funny stories about coming to Philly for the first time after never spending any considerable time outside Alabama and is still mad that the Sixers traded the rights to Brad Daugherty in 1986.

Charles then talks about his time in jail, his new golf show, and then his hatred for Rush Limbaugh.  While it’s not my favorite all time interview with a celebrity recently released from jail (click here to see my favorite post-jail interview), it’s  definitely up there.  He even discusses if anyone tried to make Charles their boyfriend.  Here are some snippets on life in Tent City for Charles:

“It was really good for me and let me explain why I say that.  I was thinking I’ve been in the NBA since 1984, so we’re talking 25 years and I would conservatively estimate that I’ve been drinking 100 of those nights and I’m being probably on the bottom end of that and I’ve gotten behind the wheel of a car.  So to go 25 years that many nights drinking and driving and not get a DUI, not kill someone or kill yourself, I think that was a very valuable lesson for me to learn and I’m going to use that in the future.”

“Trust me there was no chance I was going to be a flight risk.”

“Since I’ve been in the joint, what have you been saying about Rush Limbaugh.  You all got to get that fat ass of f the brother, you hear me.”

More on Rush Limbaugh

“I am so close to flying wherever he is and just punching the hell out of him.  He is driving me nuts!  There’s a lot of idiots out there and Rush Limbaugh has a lot of influence on people.”

Listen to Charles Barkley on WIP in Philadelphia with Howard Eskin

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  1. 17 Responses to “Charles Barkley On His Time In The Joint And Wanting To Beat Up Rush Limbaugh”

  2. Sir Charles: When will you understand that only the underclass cares what you think! You are humorous because you are irrelevant, stupid and an example of a true racist. Keep on drinking, gambling, spending time with hookers and doing jail time. Now that is the real Charles.

    By Phil on Mar 13, 2009

  3. Hey Phil, Charle’s is the man and you are illiterate. You also have no grammar and Rush Limbaugh is the worst ever.

    By shaw on Mar 13, 2009

  4. DO IT Charles! Beat him like you beat up Laimbeer and Shaq! DO IT!

    By ShoNuff on Mar 13, 2009

  5. Barkley’s a conn and Rush would kick his a__.
    We already knew he wasn’t very bright.

    By John Kelly on Mar 13, 2009

  6. Rush couldn’t kick anybody’s ass. I bet he can’t even put on his size 52 waist pants without breaking a sweat and breathing heavy. He’s a complete hypocrite. Remember his rants about drug offenders and abusers? How they should all get locked up for life with no second chances? And then he gets caught with enough illegal Oxycontin to kill a stable of racehorses…and his argument disappears. If you’re one of the morons who think you can actually identify him, just remember he makes $100 million dollars to incite reactions. He’s just like the crazy “Jesus Saves” guys on the corner of your city street. Except with lots and lots and lots more money.

    By ballz on Mar 13, 2009

  7. Barkley spits on a little girl and wants to hit an outta shape, deaf man in his mid fifties. MJ ripped Barkley’s fat a$% and Charles didn’t get tough I wonder why? What a punk.

    By Parris Island on Mar 13, 2009

  8. Anyone who would oppose Charles Barkley and support Rush Limbaugh over this is a sad individual who is part of the problem, not the solution. Appalachia called, they want their banjo back…

    By King Ziggy on Mar 13, 2009

  9. Why the anger at Rush? Because he said he want’s Obama to fail (because he disagrees with him)?

    I suppose Barkley never wanted Jordan to fail…

    By Dave on Mar 14, 2009

  10. Rush will one day be viewed as a modern day P.T. Barnum. He’s too intelligent to possibly believe that nonsense he spouts continuously. His is an important player on the national political scene, though. If the Republican Party follows his lead, they will be relegated to the role of a permanent minority party. (and isn’t that ironic?)

    At this point in time, Charles Barkley is disgrace. He was a great basketball player in his prime and an engaging personality for a period after his retirement. Not anymore … his conduct and behavior is offensive, and his basketball commentary is no longer insightful or clever.

    By Mort T on Mar 14, 2009

  11. I have never liked Sir Charles as much as I do now. JUst the thought of him whooping the Mouth’s a** is a delight to like.

    By Sledge on Mar 14, 2009

  12. Rush is an annoying douche bag. He speaks for hours and doesn’t make any valid points on anything. The funny thing about all the nonsense he speaks is that he never has a SOLUTION for anything. He gets behind a mic and criticizes everything and everyone in the white house but doesn’t offer any decent ideas to combat the issues he has problems with. I’m gonna go rail some oxycontin hahaha. WHAT A JOKE. Sir Charles is the man. All you country bumpkins in support of RL need to retire the white pointed hood with eye holes and support our president. He’s gonna be here for the better part of a decade so get used to it.

    By Luke on Mar 15, 2009

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  15. 4 yrs later RL continues to be a total fool and a buffoon, while CB appears to have his act more together.

    By Bob on Mar 23, 2013

  16. Luke,
    How often have you listened to Rush.

    By Tony on Nov 19, 2013

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