Shannon Sharpe Weighs In On The Jay Cutler Saga

March 18, 2009 – 8:53 am by Michael Bean

Well, the Josh McDaniels era in Denver sure hasn’t gotten off to a great start. If the former New England Patriots offensive coordinator was hoping to make the Broncos denizens forget about the storied and lengthy career of predecessor Mike Shanahan, it probably was going to take even greater play from QB Jay Cutler, who definitely showed flashes of greatness in 2008. But McDaniels ruffled feathers and alienated Cutler early and often upon arriving in Denver. You usually hear coaches, particularly young ones like McDaniels, say what’s necessary to not lose the respect of key members of a football team early on in their tenures. Not McDaniels. The result has been a testy Jay Cutler, and rightfully so to a certain extent.

Could Cutler really be on his way out of Denver before the first day of spring this off-season? It’s looking more and more possible every day, with Cutler’s home even being listed for sale as of late last week. To get the scoop on what’s going down, let’s check in with former Broncos TE legend Shannon Sharpe on KKFN in Denver. And if you’re a bit tired of the plain-Jane answers given by so many college basketball coaches and NFL folks this time of year, don’t worry – it’s Shannon Sharpe!

Sharpe begins by explaining that he thinks coach McDaniels is making a huge mistake in wanting to get rid of Cutler, one of the few lone bright spots for the up and down Broncos last year:

“The more that I sit down and think about it – you had the second worse defense in the National Football League. You couldn’t turn the ball over; you couldn’t pressure the quarterback. And the new guy [McDaniels] comes in and the first thing he wants to get rid of is his Pro Bowl QB? I don’t want to trade for a Julius Peppers. I don’t want a Ray Lewis or a Bart Scott; I don’t want a defensive lineman. I want to trade my QB! That’s the problem.”

On the double standard in the NFL for players and front offices when it comes to making ‘business decision’:

“And why is it that when an organization wants to trade a player, it’s business; but when a player wants to request a trade, he’s being disgruntled, he’s a malcontent? See you can’t have it both ways.”

Does he think Cutler and the Broncos will work out there differences?

“If I’m Jay Cutler now, I think he has to leave.”

On how he dealt with a somewhat similar issue when he was with Denver earlier in his career:

“When Mike [Shanahan] tried to trade me in ’95, after the ’95 season. And when I called the organization they said it wasn’t true. And my agent and I found out later that it was true. I never trusted Mike again until I got back the second time around.”

Listen here to Sharpe on KKFN in Denver

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  1. 3 Responses to “Shannon Sharpe Weighs In On The Jay Cutler Saga”

  2. EXACTLY! McDaniels is a moron, and I doubt he is even half the offensive coach Shannahan is.

    By Josh on Mar 19, 2009

  3. totally Josh! I guess he’s just jealous that some other Offensive Coordinator gets to gaze into Tom Terrifc Brady’s eyes every day back in New England. I’m not huge Cutler fan, don’t get me wrong, but the dude can play and it’s ridiculous to think QBs of his caliber just grow of trees or can be had easily. Denver’s a mess.

    By Bunk on Mar 19, 2009

  4. Following in the steps of Mangini and Crennel, McKid is steppin in and working towards taking a team from mediocre to sickeningly disappointing, who does this kid think he is coming in with no HC experience probably not a lot in the way of knowledge and understanding of the team and it’s dynamic and tendencies and immediately tearing down the one good thing this team had going for it (This was the 2nd ranked offense in the NFL!!!) starting off your tenure with a dramatic confrontation with your teams QB and leader isn’t the best way to make a good first impression.

    By Corey on Mar 19, 2009

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