Checking In With Jim Caldwell From The Owners Meetings

March 26, 2009 – 8:43 am by Michael Bean

It’s going to be strange not seeing Tony Dungy with his calm, stoic demeanor on the sidelines when the Colts take to the field next year. In his place will be the more demonstrative Jim Caldwell, who took over when Dungy resigned in February. Let’s hear how things are going for the first-year head coach as the NFL Draft looms ever closer.

Caldwell’s comments on the main things being discussed at the NFL Owner’s Meetings this week out in California:

“The Overtime rule which we don’t anticipate there will be any change there but it’s being examined and examined closely. And then also the ‘defenseless player rule’ as well. That’s another one that’s going to be looked at closely because of the receivers that are trying to catch the ball, they want no contact with the head at all. It used to be simply just helmet-to-helmet; now it’s any part of the body literally, that strikes the head. Then another area, the inverse of that, is where the receiver sometimes, or an offensive player starts working back towards the line of scrimmage. And he may catch a defensive player in a vulnerable position. You’ve seen some of those crackbacks that have happened. Those also no longer just helmet-to-helmet will be tolerated, yet at this time you can strike them with another part of the body. So you know, they’re trying to lower the strike-zone. Player safety overall is one of the areas that are going to be discussed.”

Let’s just call it what it is: the Hines Ward Rule.

Listen here to Caldwell on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis

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