Deion Sanders Joins Michael Irvin

March 26, 2009 – 8:55 am by Michael Bean

Deion + The Playmaker. That’s two guys who love to talk so I’ll just step out of the way and let them do their thing. The following is an exchange about the release of Terrell Owens and why Jerry Jones’ recent comments about making decisions based on what would be best for Tony Romo moving forward.

Deion: “It’s not going to happen.”

Irvin: “You don’t think Roy Williams can catch it and make a play?

Deion: “Are you kidding? Are you looking at me with a straight face? You’re playing right? No you can’t be serious.”

Irvin: “I’m serious. Because he said one of the prime reasons he made the decision on T.O. was he because he thinks Roy Williams can become a #1.”

Deion: “See the reason they say that is because we have this whole NFL Draft thing coming up. And nobody’s really thinking about this draft like they should as of yet. But when these draft picks roll around and these Dallas fans start realizing, man we don’t have a 1 [1st round pick]. Then the second round come around and they choose someone. Then it’s huh we don’t have a 3 [3rd round pick]…So they throw out that player that’s going to deflect that mayhem that’s going to go on in a few weeks. So you say something like that and you hope the Roy Williams test will come through.”

Irvin: “Why is it you believe Roy Williams can’t step in and be a #1 receiver.”

Deion: “Well, he’s big. He’s not fast. Not great feet. Not great routes. And really not a practice guy. Practice is where you find timing. You know, I’m trying to be polite. We turn down these mics and I’ll get down to it.”

If only I was there to hear it. For now though, listen on to the rest of the exchange between Neon Deion and Michael Irvin. It doesn’t disappoint.

Listen here to Sanders on The Michael Irvin Show on ESPN Radio Dallas

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