Jets Player Kerry Rhodes Wants No Part Of Jay Cutler

March 27, 2009 – 10:50 am by Jimmy Shapiro

The Jay Cutler soap opera and sweepstakes has been going on for over two weeks now and won’t end until he either gets traded or the regular season begins and he’s starting for the Broncos.  There have been rumors of interest from multiple teams in need of stability at the quarterback position including the Jets, Lions, Bucs, Bears, Vikings, and Redskins.

One player who has been outspoken about not wanting Cutler on his team is Jets defensive captain and safety Kerry Rhodes. He joined Boomer and Carton on WFAN in New York to explain why.

“It’s not about his play.  He’s a good player, that speaks for itself.  There’s more to being a quarterback than just having the big arm, getting passing yards, and getting touchdowns.  His team was 8-8.  They didn’t make the playoffs.  He didn’t lead them to the playoffs.  That’s one point.  Evidently, a lot of people besides myself don’t think he’s doing the right thing.”

What did he say to you guys when the Broncos beat you guys?

“I really don’t remember what he said exactly.  He was just really brash about everything.  It’s ok to be confident and talk if that’s what you do, but you don’t continuously do it at the point where it’s already done…it’s redundant, just let it go.  They weren’t the best team in the league, they had a good game against us, but not the best in the league..and he’s not the best quarterback ever yet.  He still has work to do.  We just didn’t get along.  It wasn’t just me.  I may be the one saying something about it, but it wasn’t just me.”

On if he could play with Jay Cutler:

“If it gets to that point, it’s not like when he stepped into the locker room I’m going to go run over and sucker punch him.”

“It’s not just about me and him, man.  It’s a team game and if he came in and helped us win, of course we would get along.”

Listen to Kerry Rhodes on WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton

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