Brad Faxon Talks About Tiger, Taking the Field at the Masters and Costs of Missing the Cut

March 31, 2009 – 7:55 am by Will Brinson

Brad Faxon, one of the more underrated players on the PGA Tour, got on the horn with Dennis and Callahan (who he’s apparently boys with)  of WEEI recently to talk about Tiger’s ridiculous win at Bay Hill. Faxon was hanging around near Tiger at the end of Bay Hill, and he’s played with Woods a few times in his career, so he had some nice insight.

Also, interestingly, Faxon talks about the costs of missing the cut at a given tournament and (not mentioned below) the fact that he has to win in Houston in order to make the Masters (that was a “GAMBLERS ALERT” in case you don’t follow closely).

On whether fans or players are more impressed with Tiger’s accomplishments:

“There’s no question in my mind that it’s the [players] on tour because the average fan can say ‘wow, this guy is unbelievable and he does all this great stuff’ but if you look at the percentage of wins he has in the amount of tournaments he’s played, he’s killing everybody, he’s at like 30-something% whereas Nicklaus was like the second-best guy at like 12 or 10 … and the media gives us this impression that Tiger Woods hits every shot perfect and makes every single putt and you look statistically at his driving accuracy … he’s off the chart … as far as that goes. This guy seems to be able to claw his way out of trouble … those are the kinds of things, it’s hard to be able to put that in a statistical category …”

On Tiger’s clutch putting:
“He’s one of the guys … that looks technically perfect … looks very square … the pace and transition are always the same … he looks to me to be more comfortable later … and he looks to be more locked in later”

On Tiger’s universal appeal:

“Well, I just think he has such a broad reach. The emotion that this guy shows … he looked like it was his first win yesterday, you know when he knocked that putt in, the bear hug with Steve his caddie, this guy has more emotion out there, he’s got some sort of charisma that everybody likes to see, the power in his game …and, you know, if you’re a golf professional, when you watch this guy, everything about this guy is impressive …”

On taking the field v. Tiger at the Masters:
“Yeah, if you’re going to take the field, obviously the odds are with you that somebody should be able to beat this guy … but if you have to pick ‘who’s it gonna be?” … but you look down the stretch … it’s hard to see one guy …”

How much does it cost you or an average tour player when you miss the cut?
“Houston for an example … flying down there and back … Continental, $578, coach, hotel for a week is a $1,000, caddie is $1,500 plus percentage and your food and drinks … some guys pay a trainer, some guys pay a physical therapist …each week’s 2-6 grand without your caddy percentage …”

Listen to Brad Faxon on WEEI in Boston with Dennis & Callahan

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