Stuff I Would Forward To My Buddies 3/31/09 Edition

March 31, 2009 – 4:19 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

Just once I want to go there before I die. (Deadspin)

Wow, it sure would suck if no other team picks him up. (ESPN)

I believe this wholeheartedly.  Or at least leads to depression medication. (Shutdown Corner)

Who would sleep with this guy? (Big League Stew)

It worked for the Eagles.  Even the stupid fans like me did it. (The Columbian, Hat Tip to Ball Don’t Lie)

Tim Tebow scores on and off the field. (The Big Lead)

I agree with Seth Davis on this and since he wrote this, Calipari has accepted the job.  I think Kentucky will win a title within three years. (SI)

I have no idea how guys convince their ladies to get one of these.  Unless of course, they already are a stripper. (Game On!)

Bronco players prefer their drama on TV (Pro Football Talk)

Sometimes dancing close to a woman will do this to you.  I’ve been there. (Deadspin)

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