Walter Jones On Life Without The Big Show And His New Coach

April 9, 2009 – 7:41 am by Lance Zimmerman

Walter Jones might have taken a couple of steps closer to the NFL Hall of Fame in the 2008 season, but it wasn’t by cementing opposing defensive ends in their place. Walter is a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer, and an injured knee that required microfracture surgery last season could force his hand into retirement.

While the recovery process will take four to six months, Seahawks faithful and new head coach Jim Mora are praying their franchise left tackle will be able to suit up for one more season.  Mora has hired Gregg Knapp as offensive coordinator of the Seahawks and Knapp is instituting a zone blocking scheme in Seattle, which could alleviate some of the pressures of having a dominate left tackle all together.

The Seahawks were granted an additional mini camp due to hiring a new coach this off season. Mora had his first opportunity Tuesday to introduce the players to his new schemes.

Walter Jones joined KJR on Wednesday to discuss Mora’s style, as well as his recovery from surgery:

Walter’s take on how things have changed since Mora has fully taken over:

“It’s different. He’s bringing his own stuff in. Right now we’re just sitting back and just hoping you’re doing the right thing. I see it as he’s putting his staple in. This is the way it’s going to be. I think it’s a situation to where he’s going to make everyone more accountable.”

On new offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp and the terminology of the playbook:

“A lot of it’s the same. A lot of it is zone blocking, should be great for the offensive line. It’s a matter of learning the terminology and learning how they want you to go out there and perform.”

On his rehab from off season micro fracture surgery and his lengthy career in the NFL:

“I feel good. I still love the competition. I love the change. You’ve been one way for so long and getting a new change finds you that burst of energy where you want to come out and see what you can learn.”

Listen to Walter Jones on KJR in Seattle with Dave “Softy” Mahler

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