Myron Rolle Talks About Punishment, Scandal and High Wonderlic Scores

April 20, 2009 – 9:30 am by Will Brinson

Myron Rolle is one of the most amazing success stories in the history of college athletics. An All-American on the field, he’s actually best known for his academic achievements, and is passing up a shot at the NFL to pursue life as a Rhodes Scholar.

Rolle talked recently about the academic incidents at Florida State and the resulting punishment for the Seminole program, as well as the sad difference between coverage of positive and negative behavior by athletes. There are also jokes about perfect Wonderlic scores and then a somewhat serious discussion about college athletes getting paid.

On the recent academic incident and the punishment:

“Well, first thing, I was immediately disappointed and discouraged by what happened. I knew several of the players who had been suspended and who were caught up in the scandal and it was difficult. But what I have seen from this ordeal is a refocus and more attention and more emphasis spent on the student-athlete by the academic supports at Florida State. More student-athletes are going to tutor sessions, they’re attending class more regularly, they’re improving their scores and I feel like this event will really produce a much more in-tune student athlete, one that really starts to focus on academics because they know it’s a serious issues. As far as the penalties that were handed down, I do feel they were a little harsh. The NCAA, they came down with a firm fist on us, and we at Florida State had already put together a punishment that we felt would be sufficient and that we felt would be severe enough …”

On more attention for scandal than the academic successes:

“A little, a little. There’s always media attention put on the negative things that happen in sports. You hear about guys going to late-night clubs and either getting shot at or shooting someone. Or someone having illegitimate children or getting busted in a drug heist or someone shooting themselves in the leg or something that’s shining a negative light on sports in general. But at this point, you have not only me and Garrett and Joe, but you have a lot more people that are doing the right things in life, that are walking the right line and they should get that attention and that praise.”

Listen to Myron Rolle on WQYK in Tampa with JP Peterson

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  1. 2 Responses to “Myron Rolle Talks About Punishment, Scandal and High Wonderlic Scores”

  2. My Home boy from NJ is absolutely correct…..The news media almost always focuses on events that are not in good taste. But very seldom focuses on those events that are good story lines.

    There’s more than enough media play on cats getting in trouble… Now lets focus on people like Myron and all the others who strive for success….. New Jersey loves you Myron keep making the Garden State proud!!!!!

    By Clark Kent on Apr 21, 2009

  3. Myron Rolle to Help Foster Kids
    Projected 2010 first-day pick Myron Rolle is currently training in Florida as he awaits attending Oxford University to study to be a neurosurgeon this fall.
    Rolle trains in the morning, then shadows orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Homan in afternoons. A Rhodes Scholar at Florida State, Rolle’s commitment to football will be an issue during the pre-draft process next spring. He is an extremely gifted individual, but is sitting out this year to study.
    Latest news:Myron Rolle-news

    By mikef on May 27, 2009

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