Brian Cushing Is Mr. Versatility

April 28, 2009 – 9:15 am by Tas Melas

Brian Cushing will likely play outside linebacker in the NFL but he spent some of his college career at USC playing middle linebacker as well as some defensive end.  Sure, we’ve all heard these stories before – the natural athletes that play multiple positions before they reach the pros, and Cushing is no different.  His hair is a little different, but that will likely change (see to your left).  Steroid talk has always followed Cushing – whether it’s his maniacal style, I don’t know – but he’s never failed a drug test.  The new Texan, Brian Cushing, joined KILT in Houston to discuss the thing that makes him a player, his flowing locks, and why he feels good joining his new team.

On what makes him the player he is:

“I think my intensity, work ethic, and my ability to adapt and learn as fast as possible.  I played three different positions at USC and I think I can compete at any of them… I think the biggest thing for me is my drive, my passion, my work ethic – I think without those I’d just be another average football player.”

On whether he’d be okay trimming his long locks:

“I’ve heard that a lot throughout camp so I don’t got a problem with that.  If that’s something they want me to do…”

On how he felt meeting the Texans’ coaches:

“It was just a great staff – I felt everything was real comfortable talkin’ football, talkin’ life and you know, nothing was too uptight.  I feel the guys and myself were really able to hit if off.”

Listen to Brian Cushing on 610 Sports Radio in Houston

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