Jeremy Maclin Has Entered The Fire

April 28, 2009 – 7:45 am by Tas Melas

Welcome to the NFL, son.  This ain’t college football.  No more walking around like you’re the king of the town; it’s time to perform.  You’re playing in Philly now – the city of Brotherly Hate.  You flub a play, you’ll hear about it.  You screw up off the field, you’ll hear about it.  Heck, you get injured, you’ll hear about it.

The Eagles have been lacking a premier wide out since T.O. (the last time they went to the Super Bowl).  Their fans have been yearning for a guy to fill that role so there will be a lot of pressure on Jeremy Maclin immediately.  It’s likely going to be more than the rook deserves – rookie wide receivers rarely have incredible seasons.  Jeremy Maclin joined 950 ESPN Radio to discuss when he first heard he was headed to Philly, criticisms that he doesn’t run great routes, where he thinks he can be utilized, and the thrill of playing with Donovan McNabb.

On when he knew he was going to the Eagles:

“I didn’t hear from ’em until that pick.  I got a call and I actually thought it was the Browns – you know, I don’t know area codes ’cause I’m not familiar with that area – but it was the Eagles and they were talkin’ about how they were gonna move up and get me.  I think the smile on my face got even bigger.  I’m definitely happy to be in the situation I’m in now.”

On the talk that he doesn’t run precise routes:

“I think it’s nonsense.  Just ’cause you’re coming from a spread offense people think that you can’t run routes which is by far, a false statement.  I’ve gotten a lot better already and I’ve done a little more of it, you know, I think I run pretty precise routes.  I’m ready, I’m just really eager to get out there.”

Listen to Jeremy Maclin on 950 ESPN Radio in Philadelphia

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