Meet ‘Mr. Irrelevant’, Ryan Succop

April 28, 2009 – 5:30 pm by Michael Bean

Surely you’ve heard the moniker ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ used before in discussions about the NFL Draft. If not, it’s the title bestowed upon the very final selection in the 7th round of each year’s NFL Draft. You may not know however (I didn’t, that’s for sure) that there’s a week long party out in LA and Orange County for each year’s Mr. Irrelevant, replete of course with charity events and all that fluffy stuff.

This year’s Mr. Irrelevant is South Carolina Gamecocks K Ryan Succop, who was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs with the 256th and final pick of the draft this past Sunday.In addition to deserving kudos for being drafted, Succop should be recognized for his insanely impressive academic track record. He double majored in finance and real estate with a minor in computer science to boot.  And oh yeah, looks like he hung out with a crew of smoking hot co-eds while in Columbia.  Succop joined ESPN Radio Los Angeles with Mason and Ireland to talk about being this year’s Mr. Irrelevant, how to pronounce his last name (yes, it’s ‘suck-up’), and if he’s aware of all the hoopla and events that accompany being named ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ each year.

2008 Mr. Irrelevant, David Vabora, at the annual light hearted festitivies in Southern California

2008 Mr. Irrelevant, David Vabora, at the annual light hearted festivities in Southern California

On whether he shared the typical story of former soccer player converting to football sometime in high school:

“It’s actually kind of an interesting story. My freshmen year in high school, I was on the soccer team and the coach said Ryan you’ve got the strongest leg I’ve ever seen. You need to go see if you can kick the football. This was about three days before the first game of the football season, so I went out there, ended up kicking well and on Friday night, I suited up. And from then on, I’ve just gotten into football.”

His career long?

’55 yards.”

Did you enjoy playing for Coach Steve Spurrier?

‘Oh, absolutely. As everyone knows, he’s a super competitive guy, just a fantastic coach, and it’s really been a lot of fun to play for him. And you know, he even took me out last spring for a round of golf, because I play a lot of golf…it was a lot of fun.’

Listen here to Succop on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles

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