Rey Maualuga Will Have a Chip on His Shoulder, Thanks for Asking

April 28, 2009 – 9:30 am by Will Brinson

Rey Maualuga was one of the biggest draft-day drops this past weekend, falling all the way down to the Bengals in the second round. (Aside: is there a worse fate than losing millions of dollars, being embarrassed on a national stage and starting your professional playing career in Cincinnati? I don’t think so. At least he has been in Southern California for the last four years. Ouch.)

So naturally, you would think that Maualuga is heading into his rookie season a little bit cheesed at the people who passed on him so many times. You would most likely be correct.

On playing angry and with a chip on his shoulder because he lasted until the second round:

“Definitely. I’m a pretty laid-back guy, I really don’t do much or say much, but I can truthfully tell you that I’m bitter right now. Just gonna show Marvin Lewis, Coach Marvin Lewis and the staff that they picked a good guy as a second round pick and a great competitor and a damn good football player. So I’m gonna definitely show everybody why they didn’t pick me and it’s gonna be crazy so I can’t wait to get things started, minicamp’s this weekend, and like I told my family and friends, I’m gonna prove everybody wrong that I didn’t get picked in the first 32 rounds.”

Can you have an impact in the NFL as a rookie?

“My main goal is to make that defensive rookie of the year.  I don’t think anyone will stop me from getting my goal.”

Listen to Rey Maualuga on 1530 Homer in Cincinnati with Lance McAlister (14 minutes into podcast)

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