Larry English Discussed the Chargers Defense and His Fit With Shawne Merriman

April 29, 2009 – 11:33 am by Will Brinson

Larry English was a surprise first-round selection by the San Diego Chargers. No one questions his talent, but everyone thought that the value there would have been better spent on a USC linebacker.

However, AJ Smith has done a pretty good job identifying early round talent in years past, so who am I to question his drafting skillz. Plus, when you listen to the following interview with English, you’ll see that he believes he fits well with the scheme and personnel they already have in place.

On his knowledge of the Chargers defense:

Oh yeah. I’ve watched plenty of tape on the Chargers defense, and it couldn’t have been a better fit. I’m so happy with them making the decision to go with me and it’s a blessing for me, I’m excited to get started.

On where he fits on with Merriman and Phillips already on the roster:

You know what, I’m not sure exactly how everything is going to play out. All I know is I’m here to work hard and the thing that’s great about it, the thing that I’m most excited about it is getting to come in with two guys, two experienced guys like that and be able to learn from those guys. I think that experience and the things that they can pass on to me are going to be second to none, so I’m just here to help this team in any way that I’m asked.

On what it’s like to get first round money:

You know what, that’s the one thing that’s a little bit hard to grasp right now. Because I think the thing with me going through this process, being younger you kinda attach the money and things like that with the league and with the NFL, but the more that I’ve grown and matured and got closer to this the money is obviously a plus, but more importantly my goal and the thing that’s most important to me is being a successful football player, winning football games and really being a monster on the field. That’s really what I live and wake up for, that’s what makes me happy. The money can only do so much.

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