Mike Woodson Slams Jon Barry And His Comments On The Hawks

May 4, 2009 – 10:45 am by Jimmy Shapiro

Ahh, nothing like a good cat fight in the NBA.  The latest one involves ESPN NBA analyst Jon Barry and Atlanta Hawks Coach Mike Woodson.  Barry called the Hawks/Heat series the worst 7 game series ever and said the Hawk would get swept by the Cavaliers in round two.

Listen to Jon Barry on ESPN talk about the Hawks

This morning on 790 the Zone in Atlanta, Mike Woodson responds to Jon Barry and calls out his ability or lackthereof when he was in the league.

“Man, I could care less about what Jon Barry is saying.  That’s what he’s doing what he’s doing and we’re doing what we’re doing.  What he says don’t amount to nothing.  Again, I don’t even know why I’ve wasted my words on Jon Barry.  My focus right now is with my team and trying to get ready for Cleveland.  I’m trying to figure out what has he done in the league, really.  That’s just how I look at.  I’m moving on.”

Listen to Mike Woodson talk about Jon Barry on 790 the Zone in Atlanta

Fun stuff.  I’m sure Mike Woodson will use this as a motivational ploy for his team and they might be able to squeak out one win in this series.  I have no problem with what Jon Barry said.  The reason he’s there is because he’s not afraid to be opinionated unlike so many former players who try to break into the television media.  Who cares if he wasn’t a great player as long as his insight and opinions are informative and entertaining and not boring and full of cliches.

Listen to the full interview with Mike Woodson on 790 the Zone in Atlanta with Mayhem in the AM

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  1. 29 Responses to “Mike Woodson Slams Jon Barry And His Comments On The Hawks”

  2. How many games under .500 are the Hawks under Woodson’s tutelage? If they won every game the rest of the year and all their games next year, they would still be under .500. Woodson was within one game of being axed by Hawks owners. The only thing that saved his butt was a game 7 win in the playoffs. It will be a miracle if the Hawks win one game against Cleveland. If they get swept, goodby Woody!

    By Blue Deviil Bill on May 4, 2009

  3. It’s not exactly Woodson’s fault that they stunk so bad. It wasn’t until last year that they actually put together a team that wasn’t total crap, especially with the trade deadline acquisitions of Mike Bibby that really sealed it.

    This is a team that actually had Tom Gugliotta on their roster in 2005. Tom Gugliotta! In 2005! Seriously. Take a look at the Hawks rosters prior to 2008 and tell me honestly that you can find 1 coach that could successfully coach those teams into the playoffs.

    You can talk all you want ability someone’s coaching ability, but if you throw a sack of horsecrap onto a court and tell someone “coach it!”, it’s still going to be nothing more than a sack of horsecrap, no matter who the coach is.

    By Now You Know on May 4, 2009

  4. I agree with both of you Now You Know and Blue Devil Bill.

    He probably was one loss away from getting canned, and he could very well get shown the door after this series. And he’s really not that great a coach. Their half court offense is a joke.

    But I also agree with Now You Know – not really fair to expect him to field a winner with some of the rosters he’s had prior to getting Joe Johnson.

    Maybe only place I disagree with both of y’all is that the Cavs are going to sweep this series. I like Atlanta for at least one, and I’d say two if it were the Finals format of 2-3-2. With the 2-2-1-1-1, might be tough for Hawks to take it to a 6th. They better win one in Cleveland if it’s going to be at all interesting. I don’t think Lebron’s going to be shut down in the slightest for back-to-back games at any point in the series, home or road. Anyway…

    By Bunk on May 4, 2009

  5. Barry would be no. 1 on screwattack’s list of pab’s if he was in a video game.

    By A on May 5, 2009

  6. Kinda funny how this got under Woodsons skin—just look at what he said
    “My focus right now is with my team and trying to get ready for Cleveland.”
    Fair enough and well said—oops–till his next sentence
    “I’m trying to figure out what has he done in the league, really”

    Cavs in 5 could even go 6 with a bad Cavs performance in any given game.

    By Jeff J on May 5, 2009

  7. I watch all of the playoff games with my husband, HE calls all of the fouls, plays, etc. BEFORE the analyst. Jon Barry, Reggie Miller, Jeff Van Gundy, etc. are all SO critical. Can they just call the game without voicing there OVER the top comments. I find Jeff Van Gundy especially annoying. Call the plays, dont coach from the booth.

    By Hawkins on May 5, 2009

  8. Like i said sport reporters think they are News reporters. 1.Jim Rome, 2. Jon Barry and the rest of these NUTS. What have they done for any sport Jim did you even play any sports as a player you never down your Boys, who died and left your the Preacher the Republicans just say nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    By Nel-1 on May 5, 2009

  9. Oh there is no doubt that the Hawks will get swept by Cleveland. The Pistons were a better team than the Hawks and they got swept by King James. It’ll be Lebron Vs Kobe in the finals. Just the way Stern wants it.

    By Ron on May 5, 2009

  10. It isn’t what Jon Barry said it’s the way he said it. He acts like he had such a well-respected NBA career and has this cockiness when he talks about the current NBA. Jon Barry wasn’t even considered a good role player. He wasn’t an overachiever (which often make great commentators). He was never an important role player on a great team. There are a lot of former superstars that talk about the current NBA in a more respectful way yet Jon Barry talks like he had it all figured out when he played and even has it more figured out now. Maybe that comes from not being even the second best player in his own family.

    By Adam on May 5, 2009

  11. Stern will have his final no matter what. The refs did all they could to knock out the Hawks since Miami has superstar Wade and Stern wanted to see Wade and LeBron face off. Instead, they have the less than flashy team the Hawks playing LeBron and Co. I think Cleveland looks good, but I feel the Hawks can take em to 7 games. The refs gave the Heat 2 games by calling every little foul and making up some for the Heat to keep the Hawks out of it. It should have been over in 5 going the Hawks way. Stern just wants the viewers so any way he can drag it out he will.

    By Hawk Attack on May 5, 2009

  12. It drives me crazy to see that someteams use comments made by others as motivation. As a pro athlete, that should be motivation enough. If you make the playoffs the motivation has been elevated. Now if you as a team use comments made by an analyst to motivate yourself, You’ve got bigger issues.

    By eastbballfan on May 5, 2009

  13. Jon Barry was actually a pretty good bench player. Especially in Sacramento. Whether he was good or not has no bearing on his comments unlike what Mike Woodson thinks. Arguably the two best coaches of the past 25 years in Phil Jackson and Pat Riley were NBA scrubs.

    By Jimmy Shapiro on May 5, 2009

  14. Man, King James the homo will not sweep Atl. seven games and Atlanta to conf. finals! Lebron sucks, just like wade.

    By a on May 5, 2009

  15. i am from atlanta and i have to give credit each year for the past 5yrs he has improved the Hawks. i dont agree with the sweep cause we are better than that. hawks in 6

    By A.johnson on May 5, 2009

  16. oh yeah, GO lakers!!!!!!!!!!!

    By A.johnson on May 5, 2009

  17. Barry’s comment are hardly anything to write about. So you give him a lot of credit for being brave and give his opinions. So what? I can tell you have a bias against the Atlanta Coach, relishing in the fact that when he loses to Cleveland, he will be fired. I hope you are wrong, because there were several teams, at last count, that didn’t even make the playoffs. Many fans believe that Woodson has done a great job. You should try and do the same.

    By hugh davis on May 5, 2009

  18. Barry’s comments are hardly anything to write about. So you give him a lot of credit for being brave and giving his opinions. So what? I can tell you have a bias against the Atlanta Coach, relishing in the fact that when he loses to Cleveland, he will be fired. I hope you are wrong, because there were several teams, at last count, that didn’t even make the playoffs. Many fans believe that Woodson has done a great job. You should try and do the same.

    By hugh davis on May 5, 2009

  19. Barry sounds like he’s PO’d that the Hawks won. He must have lost some dough betting against them. Serves him right.

    Barry played basketball? New to me.

    By NIN Rocket on May 5, 2009

  20. Jon Barry who? This guy is a moron and has never made sense with any of his analyzing. He is as bad of a commentator as he was a player. Now I am not saying that the Hawks are a great team but what I am going to say is that Mike Woodson needs to be given respect as a coach.Prior to his arrival the Hawks were consistently in the bottom 3 of the league for 7 + years and had a top 3 pick. Since his arrival the Hawks have improved year over year in terms of wins and made the playoffs the last 2 years. All this with pretty much the same roster. Now tell me again who is John Barry?

    By John Azzan on May 5, 2009

  21. Several of you are on target. As a Hawks fan I almost wish they had lost Game 7 just to see Mike go away.

    We was Joe Johnson unsuccessful the first six games? Poor offensive scheme that ran him into double teams, and the scheme does not call for anyone else to move away from the ball or space to receive a pass. All isolations, no movement.

    Why did he go off for 27 in Game 7, he broke away from the play calling and shot 3s when he had space from a defender. The floor opened up.

    Love Joe Johnson, but note that the Hawks had Boris Diaw and Woodson never figured out how to use him and sat him at the end of the bench. What was he in Phoenix, Most Improved Player? Scores double doubles in Charlotte.

    The Hawks personnel was not so bad that a good coach would not have gotten more wins or at least seen the younger players improve faster under a better coach. Let’s not ignore the staff either… Get rid of Larry Drew, Bob Bender, and the rest of the assistant coaches.

    By No to Woodson on May 5, 2009

  22. Did Woodson ever play in the league?

    By Dude on May 5, 2009

  23. I have to agree Nel-1. Jim Rome is a idiot and probably has never even played high school sports. He just wrote about it.

    By Raymond Paddock on May 5, 2009

  24. Jon Barry says a lot of things for sheer shock value. What did he do in his career that was significant enough to even be a analyst? At best he was a 3rd tier player and spot up shooter(wide open), AT BEST.

    Back on topic I seriously doubt the Cavs sweep ATL. The Hawks are pretty tough at home and they could easily take 1 if not both of the games in Atlanta. I see this series going 6 games.

    By Alveezy on May 5, 2009

  25. The Cavs are very Capable of sweeping tbe Hawks.. The Hawks have no Center so Big Z is gonna get his.. Joe Johnson can score but he doesnt have da killer instinct of the elite two guards 1. MJ 2. Kobe 3. Brandon Roy.. Yes I put the youngster up der.. Josh Smith wont get away wit da horrible showtime impressions.. dont do the dunk if u cant finish.. Top two players who have “Jordan” mentallity of if u piss me off I will scorch ur team.. Kobe and Lebron… The Hawks have a gimpy Marvin Williams nd Mo Williams will destroy Mike Bibby.. And who will guard KING JAMES??? Atlanta has no one.. Coaching Mike Brown out coaches MIke Woodsen in his sleep.. And Jon Barry gets paid for his opinion get over it.. THE ATL commentator from the radio is IGNORENT i dont think he knows the definition of thuggery he may want to look it up next time before he looks like an idiot.. Wade must not suck that bad he has more rings than all 12 ATL players and well in a Series of D-Wade vs The ATL D-wade took it to 7 games with no LEGITIMATE offensive help.. The Hawks lack the mentallity and the Coaching for this Postseason.. They are a good young team wit a bright future.. They just need better coaching untill then they are a Second tier team in the East..

    By Jordan T on May 5, 2009

  26. One final thought Mike Woodson isn’t even the best Coach is his Division.. Flip in Washington Yung Pat Riley aka Eric Spolestra are ahead of him.. If Mike Woodsen was in the West he would be eatin ALIVE by the likes of Pop in San Antonio Jerry Sloan in Utah Nate Mcmillan in Portland Rick Adelman in Houston George Karl in Denver Phil Jack in LA … I put him in the Mike Dunleavy class of Coaches…

    By Jordan T on May 5, 2009

  27. First off, most of the commenters on this site couldn’t coach a grown man out of a potato sack. Those of you who have coached an NBA team, feel free to comment on how to get a young, inexperienced team to game 7 with the Celtics last year and to the second round of the playoffs this year. If you think your sports knowledge is astute because you can predict LeBron James, arguably the most dangerous hardwood weapon of our time, can lead a team to beat the Hawks then you are no more prophetic about sports than my grandma who thought Michael Jordan was a shoe salesman. I’m not sure if you think Woodson can turn water into wine while repairing the international banking crisis as well. I think a coach’s ability should not only be measured by victories, but by progress. If you start with no playoff hopes and end in the second round, I think that’s pretty damn good.

    Now to Jon Barry. I enjoy snappy commentary, but he was disrespectful. These are professional athletes, not prison guards playing Cell Block D. There’s a difference between being colorful and being a kook.

    By SportsDiva on May 9, 2009

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