George Brett’s Probably Enjoying the Royals Not Being Horrible

May 20, 2009 – 10:45 am by Will Brinson

George Brett is a hothead. Which is why I like him even more than I should. He’s also one of the few remnants/reminders of when the Royals didn’t suck. 

Now, they’re good again this year, of course, but it’s been a looong time coming. And Brett recently got into a little bit of a scuffle-type thing with a reporter recently , (here’s the video courtesty of Deadspin)because said reporter lobbed a “Royals-bashing” question towards Brett. Brett didn’t like it. Good times ensued, of course. And it’s worth listening to his explanation, because he ended up getting a ton of phone calls from various members of the Royals’ organization wondering about the whole mess.

On blowing up at a reporter:

“And then all of a sudden, some guy comes up and says — I don’t want to say “baited me” but he was reading the question … he baited me a little bit and wanted me to say something bad about Trey Hillman. I’ve had enough of Trey [Hillman] bashing. I’ve had enough of Drayton Moore bashing.” 

On helping people to believe the Royals can be good:

“You know what? I think if anyone would have said in January or December that the Royals will be one game out of first place, regardless of what their record was, or two games over .500 on this date, I think everyone in this town would have been ecstatic.”

Listen to George Brett on KCSP in Kansas City with Roger Twibell

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