That’s Incredible! A Former Player That Isn’t A Fan of Brett Favre’s

May 27, 2009 – 6:15 am by Lance Zimmerman

(Editor’s note:  I had to change the title.  Although only people older than 33 will understand it.)

Very rarely will a Hall of Fame player speak with such disdain about another soon-to-be Hall of Famer, especially one who plays the same position. Fran Tarkenton has put it on the record that he wouldn’t be pleased with the Vikings adding Brett Favre to the fold for the 2009 season. Tarkenton might be put off by Favre being one of the greatest Green Bay Packers of all time, a hated rival of the Vikings, but he speaks in such terms that you would have to think it goes far beyond that.

Whether or not Favre decides to suit up for another season rests solely on his right shoulder. That’s at least what current Vikings Coach Brad Childress would have you believe. Tarkenton feels the Vikings would be wise to stay away from Favre and go into the season with unproven QB’s Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

Fran Tarkenton joined 790 the Zone in Atlantaon Tuesday to discuss the Brett Favre saga that has dominated the media two off-seasons in a row now.

Fran was asked about the whole Brett Favre retirement, un-retirement:

“I think it’s despicable. What he put the Packers through last year was not good. Here’s an organization that was loyal to him for 17, 18 years, provided stability of organization, provided players. It just wasn’t about Brett Favre. In this day and time, we have glorified the Brett Favre’s of the world so much, they think it’s about them. He goes to New York and bombs. He’s 39 years old. How would you like Ray Nitschke in his last year (playing for) the Vikings, or I retire, and go play for the Packers. I kind of hope it happens, so he can fail.”

On what more he feels the Packers could have done as an organization during the break-up with Favre:

“They did everything, but you get into a position, and I understand he’s been glorified so much. He’s been a great player, there’s no question about it, but it’s all about him. It is supposed to be all about your team. If you’re going to be the quarterback of your team, you need to be there in the off season workouts in March and April. Peyton Manning’s there. Tom Brady’s there.”

Fran’s take on what he sees out of Favre’s quarterback abilities or lack there of:

“I think he has been a great flamboyant quarterback, but he has made more stupid plays than any great quarterback that I’ve ever seen. Look at his final game in a Packers uniform. He blew that game against the Giants. He’s playing against Eli Manning, I love Eli Manning, but he’s still not a great quarterback. He’s not Peyton yet, or Tom Brady. He’s just a guy. And they’re (Packers) are playing at home, and they’re in a tight situation, they went to overtime and he (Favre) throws the interception that allows them (the Giants) to come back and win the game. He has done that and driven his coaches crazy all of his career.”

Listen to Fran Tarkenton on 790 the Zone in Atlanta with Mayhem in the AM

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  1. 73 Responses to “That’s Incredible! A Former Player That Isn’t A Fan of Brett Favre’s”

  2. Amen Fran.
    Favre is an idiot!

    By chris wirth on May 27, 2009

  3. How can Fran Tarkenton make such stupid comments? He is/was the epitome of a loser. How many Super Bowls did Fran win? You can’t even put Frank in the same conversation as Brett Favre.

    By Andy on May 27, 2009

  4. What Brett won ONE Super Bowl, OOOOH!
    Tarkington said nothing more than what has been said for along time about DIVA Players in all sports.
    Farves head got bigger then his abilities.
    At least the Packers showed class not going on TV with BRETTA, Do you think for one second that the Packers could have had a TONS of stuff they could have aired about Favre.
    Tarkington IS in the Hall of Fame, he has the RIGHT to say what ever he wants about ANY other player.

    By Yoop on May 27, 2009

  5. It’s nice to see someone come out and speak their minds, without being politically correct.

    Fran may not have won a Super Bowl, but at least he was a team player and did what was best for his team.

    Fran was the original scrambler, and is rightfully in the Hall of Fame. He has every right to speak of his opinions and feelings!

    By Patty on May 27, 2009

  6. Fran hit the nail on the head. As a lifelong Packers fan, I always thought of Favre as a tough guy, but he’s got a lot of prima donna in him, as the last year has proven. The Packers showed immense patience with Favre’s waffling about retirement over recent years and his fake retirement last year. In turn, Favre whines about the organization to the media and, now, is considering playing for a rival team purely out of spite.
    Tarkenton might have no Super Bowl rings, but he has shown alot more class than Favre.

    By Mike on May 27, 2009

  7. Favre ruined his legacy. He’s proven himself to be an egomaniac who cares little about his teammates or an organization that has been loyal to him. I’ve done a 180 on the guy. Fran is right. I hope he suits up in a Vikes uniform and that Packers wring his neck. He’s pathetic.

    By Allen on May 27, 2009

  8. Sour grapes, still smarts from Joe Greene depriving him of Super Bowl.

    By dews on May 27, 2009

  9. favre is the most over-rated qb of all time. he didn’t win that super bowl.the pack and a great game by desmond howard won that one. if he wasn’t madden’s boy toy he’d be gone by now. and now that the fat bus driver has rode off in the sunset, he should bring his wife with him

    By uck on May 27, 2009

  10. Uck,

    Your an ass who knows nothing about football…Favre set the record for the longest touchdown threw two, ran one in and did everything he needed to win that game.

    Get a life you moron.

    By Gabe on May 27, 2009

  11. “However, Tarkenton’s poor performance in three Super Bowls and his inability to win a championship ring in 18 seasons prevents some people from considering him as great as other quarterbacks.” – taken from wiki

    Also, Fran actually had a worst td to int ratio than Favre. And in their 18 seasons – Favre threw for more than 20k more yards than Fran. Oh, and btw Favre won how many more games than Fran.

    And to the one who said Favre only won one SB – ask Fran if he would have liked to win at least one or ask any qb that question.

    And Fran apparently didn’t watch the jets last year – the jets were 4 -12 the previous year. Favre with a brand new offense that he didn’t even get to go to training camp – at one point was 8-3, completing over 70% of his passes, looked like a machine against the two best teams in the NFL at the time – NE and Tenn. Threw 6 td passes against the NFC champs. I wouldn’t call that a total bomb.

    Fran’s just worried because Favre might take the Vikings to the SB tarnishing Fran’s legacy in Minn.

    By D on May 27, 2009

  12. I grew up in Green Bay and bleed green and gold. Brett Favre was a screw up and a drunk in Atlanta before Ron Wolf traded for him and rescued his career. Mike Holgren, a father figure, did his best to turn Favre into a man and give him an offense that could help him learn to play the position. The West Coast Offense saved Favre. The short passing game gave him confidence and that led to him making bigger throws at times…as well as plenty of interceptions. Green Bay fans embraced him…and yes, glorified him. He was only one of many great players that led Green Bay back to prominence. It takes a team. Reggie White, Sean Jones, Dorsey Levens, Sterling Sharp, Leroy Butler all were keys to this success. At one time Favre was an everyman…at least he cultivated that persona. He shrugged off all the hype. He talked about team. Somewhere along the way (maybe it was Madden’s fault) it all went to his head…he forgot about the team. He forgot the low depths from which he had been plucked and the patient individuals who brought him along. (Holmgren Mariucci, Wolf). He became the very thing he told us he wasn’t. Now, the legacy he created in Green Bay can only be salvaged by the passage of time…a lot of time. If he dons the purple of the hated Vikings…no time will heal the wound he will create. Wake up, Brett. Get some wise counsel before it’s too late.

    By Paul on May 27, 2009

  13. If Bret Farve’s shoulder is OK he should play for the Vikings. That’s all they need get to the SB. The thing that hurt the jets last year was too much partying on Broadway. Farve is all business when the season starts and everybody else had better be on the same page. That’s why an 8 and 8 season gets you fired in Green Bay.
    At least it was that way when we were winning.

    By Gene L (Viking)/Packers Fan on May 27, 2009

  14. I have always been a Packer fan and was a big fan of Favre when he was a team player.
    I feel sorry for the many foolish Packer fans who, for some strange psychological reasons, remain unwilling to see the toxic reality of Favre. He was nothing less than despicable with what he did to the whole Packer organization last year.
    No, he did not earn the right to jack the team and fans around like he did.
    I also hope he plays for the Vikings. It will be a joy to see him beaten down by real men.

    By Gordyman on May 27, 2009

  15. Paul & Mike – I could not have said it better myself. I also grew up in GB also. Fran(who I hated all thru the 70;s) is right on.

    Also – comparing Fran to Brett is like comparing Starr to Fran. All great QB’s, just differnt times.


    By Dan V. on May 27, 2009

  16. Farve is the best ever player in football history and he is also the best number one handsome guy in US football history…Farve is more power than Tarkenton, Farve is more smarter than Tarkenton, Farve win more superbowl than Tarkenton and of course Farve looks more handsome than Tarkenton since Farve is the best number one handsome guy in US football history.

    By Kenny on May 27, 2009

  17. Francis can’t even get the facts right. As soon as he talks about the Packers doing everything for Favre, you know its just a bitter rant. I find the attack on what Favre did last year amusing, given the classless, dishonest way Teddy acted. The press conference where he and his coach never answered a single question speaks volumes.

    You know its the emotional problems of fans when they use words like “toxic” and “despicable.” Bust out a dictionary and get emotional help.

    I hope he gets his shoulder surgery and plays for the Vikings. It would be great football.

    Oh wait, “real men” play for Ted Thompson…

    By Hal on May 27, 2009

  18. I have been a packer fan since diapers. Granted, Farve played good ball, but not what I would cal great ball. We, as packer fans wanted a dynasty again after getting our collective asses kicked around for all those years. Farve “happened” to be at the steering wheel when he was provided the talent needed to put his (inaitially) adequate performance into a brighter light. Brett was good, but he is no Bart Starr, Fran T, or Johnny U, It’s a different game. Yes…..he is going to be a Hall of famer, but in my book, he will always be little more than an adequate QB that provided enough good plays to make us brush aside the questionable or downright arrogant ones that cost games. I just hope the man remembers who and what got him there in the first place. Personally, I ALSO hope he signs on with the Vikes. Nothing would please me more than to see a man that bit the hand that fed him get his clock cleaned by that same hand.

    By steve on May 27, 2009

  19. fran is jealous favre will win a super bowl for the vikings lol

    By scott on May 27, 2009

  20. By D on May 27, 2009:
    “However, Tarkenton’s poor performance in three Super Bowls and his inability to win a championship ring in 18 seasons prevents some people from considering him as great as other quarterbacks.” – taken from wiki

    Wikipedia is among the most UNreliable, idiologically driven websites out there; it is RIDDLED with inaccuracies!

    By Gene L Vikings Fan on May 27, 2009:
    [Favre] should play for the Vikings. That’s all they need get to the SB.

    Gene, if that is true, then how come the Packers never got back to the Super Bowl in even ONE Bratt’s final nine seasons there? Hmmm?
    Hell, you make it sound as if all the Queens really need to do to get to the Super Bowl would be to sign Favre, CUT the entire rest of the team and let Favre do it all by himself, because you ob(li)viously seem to think that he is that good.

    By NorthStarr on May 27, 2009

  21. Fran is right. So what if Favre won a Superbowl. That ties him with Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler and Brad Johnson. Reeeeeeeal elite company there.

    By Terry in San Antonio on May 27, 2009

  22. “However, Tarkenton’s poor performance in three Super Bowls and his inability to win a championship ring in 18 seasons prevents some people from considering him as great as other quarterbacks.”

    @ NorthStar – yep, I agree with your comment about wiki, however, I think the statement above is correct.

    I think Fran just had a big emotional rant and is worried that Favre will win a SB in Minn, which Fran was not able to accomplish.

    Again, Favre’s TD to INT ratio was even better than Fran’s. Favre has 20k more yards and more wins, and a SB win more than Fran!

    By D on May 27, 2009

  23. I couldn’t agree with Tarkenton more. I grew up in upstate NY and have been a lifelong Packer fan. I remember when both Tarkenton and Bart Starr were playing. I dont have any loyalties to Tarkenton but I respect him and his accomplishments as a Hall of Famer. I appreciate everything Brett did for the Packers during his playing career, but I was growing tired of the annual “retirement” saga. I was greatly disappointed in his behavior last year and felt he should do what he had said so many times about other players and put the team first. He was not following his own advice and it made him appear that he was thinking only of himself and continuing to play just to spite the GM and organization that had been loyal to him for many years by proving he could still play. Sounds childish to me and my opinion of Brett is much lower than it was two years ago. He should stay retired and salvage what’s left of his legacy. Two bad Reggie White isn’t around to help him figure things out.

    By William Anderson on May 27, 2009

  24. Favre is a good quarterback, and a touch quarterback at that he is 39 years old how many players are doing good at 39 huh!!!! i didnt think that many one paticular thing that sets him apart from almost all the other good and great players and the main reason why he has played so good for so long is that he truly loves to play football and doesnt at all care about money or media, i live in mississippi grew up around favre and his family and believe me he loves football more than anything else, and yeah he may have messed up a good bit and ruined some chances but hell he is human, fran blew 3 superbowl chances but everybody is talking shit about favre for blowing last years superbowl and you know what favre has shown me that since moving to the jets that he can adjust quick i think he will go to the vikings and wup asss woooooo go favre!!!!!!!!!

    By travis on May 28, 2009

  25. Well Fran,

    It’s amazing that I actually took the time to read your comments. Even though I don’t like Bret’s on again off again retirement he is more exciting to watch today than you were when I was a kid…Oh by the way he might have a ring you were not good enough to obtain. Your comments seem more like a jealous man than a NFL hero, of course you really weren’t. At least Elway finally called in the rings, you never did, your not in the calibar of a Favre so who cares what you say anymore. Good luck in your comeback chump!

    By craig on May 28, 2009

  26. Yeah, Favre blew the Giants game. Right. McCarthy abandoned the run in sub zero temps after one quarter, the defense couldn’t get the Giants offense off the field, Favre lead his team to 3 more points than the “unbeatable” Patriots did against the same defense 2 weeks later in perfect weather, but he is solely responsible for the loss. Good call, Fran. Why don’t you head to the bar at Red Lobster and get tanked with Tommy Kramer?

    By Pete on May 28, 2009

  27. I remember when Tarkenton was one game away from being benched and replaced by Ron Vanderkellen. With 4 seconds to go he scrabbled and threw a “Hail Mary” pass in the end zone to win the game against the Packers. Tarkenton went on to develope a rep as a loser.
    Vanderkellen went to palookaville.

    By Scott on May 28, 2009

  28. Fran is the man! He is an honorable man. When he retired from football, he had the most rushing yards and the most passing yards of any other QB before him. Now, he devotes his life to helping businesses everywhere.

    By Nelson on May 28, 2009

  29. Agree with him or not, Tarkenton makes some good points that many are afraid to say. Awesome job guys!!

    By Brian on May 28, 2009

  30. Fran Tarkenton, who paid $154,187 in fines after the Securities and Exchange Commission charged him with fraud, hoping anyone fails is sorta ironic…

    By BobsBlitz on May 28, 2009

  31. Of course he hopes for a Favre Failure. That’s what a fraudelent businessman who went 0-3 in Super Bowls does. Whines.

    By Maureen on May 28, 2009

  32. @ Big Jonny -

    I love it. You can’t really defend yourself without the personal insults.

    Favre played 30 more games -

    again, Favre threw for more than 20,000 yards.
    So, what you are saying Tark would have thrown about 700 yards per game?

    Favre still has more wins and a better winning percentage than Tark.

    Again, everyone berates Favre for throwing the interceptions, but again he has a better TD to INT than most “greatest” qb ever. Favre’s ratio is better than Tark’s.

    And the KC game – yeah he had 3 picks, but he still had 2 TDs and won the game in the last minute. I would take that – I think anybody would take a win. And Cincinnati – the Jets again still won that game.

    And I had pointed out 3 great games – 6tds vs Cards, OT win against the Pats, and the dominant win vs Titans

    So, I pointed out three games – 3 wins and
    you pointed 3 games – 2 were wins – so in all of the 6 games we cherry picked, 5 were wins

    And again, Favre was with a brand new offense and no training camp. He was incredible. Again, at one point was 8-3 and completing over 70% of his passes.

    And so what if Trent Dilfer won a SB. You think that somehow diminishes the stature of it. Ask any qb if they would win one.

    Now go ahead and call me some more names, please…

    By D on May 28, 2009

  33. Did i call you bad names. Hey, if the shoe fits…

    Farve threw MORE PASSES PER GAME than Tark, and that accounts for most of his greater yardage. 34.5 Att/G for Farve, 27.0 for Tark. The rest of the difference is due to the 30 add’l games. 2,813 more attempts for Farve. ALMOST 3,000, that’s where he gets more ydg. Not because he was better. How obtuse are you to not see that.

    Wins are a TEAM STATISTIC. But by comparing apples to oranges, you’re also penalizing Tark for playing 5 yrs in NY, w/ one of the worst teams in the league at the time. Tark made them a .500 ballclub for most of that time, and says his best year was a .500 season in NY. Single-handedly carrying the Giants, something Brett constantly gets credit for in GB, even when the facts don’t support it (in GBs only SB win, the GB D led the league in both yds allowed and pts allowed, and Reggie White was DPOY, but somehow, that’s become Brett’s SB – laughable!!!).

    Wrong, i didn’t cherry pick. 9 GMS LAST YR W/ MORE INTS THAN TDS. I capped that sentence, but its the second to last sentence from my first post, which obviously you neglected cuz it refutes your pt. That’s most of the season throwing more INTs than TDs, and 4 games of first 11, before his injury (which by the way, they went 2-2 in those games, only bailed out by a last second win, WHICH PROBABLY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN NECESSARY IF FARVE HADN’T THROWN 3 INTS TO ONE OF THE WORST TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE)

    You give him all the credit for getting out of the jam, but no blame whatsoever for creating the jam. Wow, I would love to work for you, the bar would be set awfully low.

    And Brett Farve was responsible for it all. Not adding All Pros Tony Richardson, Alan Faneca, Kris Jenkins, Bubba Franks, Calvin Pace. No, Brett and BRETT ALONE is responsible for all the success of 2008.

    And btw, that was sarcasm, I’m sure you didn’t recognize it, just like you can’t recognize that Brett doesn’t walk on water, and really, never did.

    By Big Jonny on May 28, 2009

  34. If Farve had played in the same era as Fran Tarkenton, he would have been busted up long ago and not even be a subject to talk about. Fran is the greatest!

    By Bob on May 28, 2009

  35. D you are a beast! I’m a huge packers fan and a favre fan. and if there is anyone who is hating on favre is probably mad cause he and the pack beat their favorite teams on mutiple occasions. it will hurt that he might go to the vikings but im gonna root for him until he plays against the pack. then he must lose! fran’s a dick

    By james on May 28, 2009

  36. ok, and just avoid hurting your delicate sensibilities, I REFRAINED FROM ALL NAME CALLING IN MY LAST 2 POSTS.

    But I just saw something interesting, You claim he has a better TD to INT ratio than ” ‘most’ greatest QB ever”, whatever that means, but Tark’s TD rate is 5.3% vs Farve’s 5.0%

    5.3 is still more than 5.0, right? I know its been yrs since I took math, but they couldn’t have changed that on me, did they?

    Montana, Marino, McNabb, Manning, and Young, and Brady ALL HAVE BETTER TD to INT ratios than Farve.

    Farve 1.5 (rounded up from 1.4967)

    Montana 1.96
    Marino 1.66
    McNabb 2.15
    Manning 2.01
    Young 2.16
    Brady 2.29

    All rounded down btw. Farve was only better than Aikman, Elway and Moon among contemporaries, very middle of the pack among guys who are in the best QB discussion.

    But you claimed he was better than most guys in the greatest QB discussion. DO YOUR HOMEWORK instead of making specious claims THAT ARE FLAT WRONG.

    By Big Jonny on May 28, 2009

  37. I’m disappointed that Fran felt the need to say anything about Favre. I personally couldn’t care less about Favre and never want to see him in purple. He’s not the guarantee to the Super Bowl that some want to make him out to be.

    As far as Fran’s credentials go, I was annoyed that the Vikings didn’t keep Joe Kapp, but after floundering around with Gary Cuozzo, Norm Snead, and Bob Lee, getting Fran back was a godsend. The Vikings didn’t win a Super Bowl, but they got there three times with Fran. Those were great teams and nobody wanted to play the Vikings during those years.

    By V for Viking on May 28, 2009

  38. Farve should just pack’er up and go home.

    By Bob on May 28, 2009

  39. @ Big Jonny

    Wow! You must have all the time in the world.

    It is funny how you keep moving the argument.

    You say I cherry pick 3 games, but when you mention 3 games. You claim you didn’t cherry pick.

    Again, the two of the three games you mention, the Jets won.

    Yes, it is hard to compare players from other eras, let alone players from the same era on different teams.

    But again to restate the original comment I made -

    I think Fran Tarkenton is just scarred of the possibility that Favre will come back to lead the Viks to a win in the SB – which is something he never did and would tarnish Tarkenton’s legacy.

    Tark just seemed to rant and sounded like a loon.

    Again, “However, Tarkenton’s poor performance in three Super Bowls and his inability to win a championship ring in 18 seasons prevents some people from considering him as great as other quarterbacks.”

    And Favre still threw for more than 20,000 yards than Fran.

    Favre still won more games than Fran Tarkenton.

    Favre still won a SB, which Fran Tarkenton did not ever win.

    And Favre still has a better TD to INT ratio than Fran Tarkenton.

    And Favre is/was a much more accurate passer than Fran Tarkenton.

    And there are a ton of stats/records that Favre holds that are more than just longevity.

    For instance, Favre has or tied the record for consecutive completions, longest TD pass, etc.

    By D on May 28, 2009

  40. Two quick thoughts; I’m not sure any QB in history got more out of his limited physical abilities than Fran Tarkenton and I think, looking back, the three teams that thrashed the Vikings (Dolphins, Steelers, Raiders) were among the greatest of all-time. I think the problem with arguments like thise are you guys are all operating under the assumption that there is some clear ‘black or white’ answer when the truth is always a shade of grey- Favre, in his prime, was great and fun to watch, but if Tarketon loses points among historians for losing ‘big games’ Favre should take the same heat.

    final thought; it’s pretty obvious D and Big Jonny haven’t been laid in a long, long time.

    By Brent on May 28, 2009

  41. @ Big Jonny -

    Ha LOL – back to your insults, name calling!

    You are a very funny guy. It makes me laugh!

    Again, the wiki quote

    Fran Tarkenton – had 1 TD and 6 INT in 3 SBs. How is the wiki quote off base.

    And I clearly stated that yes it is hard to compare guys from different eras, let alone from teams from the same time.

    Obviously, you didn’t watch the jets too much. You mention the first game against the Pats, but do you realize how much that as on the coaching. How ’bout running it four straight times from the goal line and not making it – plus they were in an all out run formation. I mean you have Brett Favre and don’t even make the attempt to pass? That of course all changed the second time around. Favre threw the TD right at the end of the 4th and then again the OT.

    And you mention during the Tarkenton era offenses weren’t as pass happy, maybe if they had a guy of Favre’s caliber they would have changed earlier.

    And again, you clearly did not show Favre is a below average qb.

    A guy that has any many records and not just longevity records could not be average.

    Again, Favre still threw for more than 20,000 yards than Fran.

    Favre still won more games than Fran Tarkenton.

    Favre still won a SB, which Fran Tarkenton did not ever win.

    And Favre still has a better TD to INT ratio than Fran Tarkenton.

    And Favre is/was a much more accurate passer than Fran Tarkenton.

    Favre has or tied the record for consecutive completions, longest TD pass, etc.

    By D on May 29, 2009

  42. Also, I can’t take credit for this quote, but it made me laugh…

    “What a moron you (Fran Tarkenton) commit fraud on fellow players and fans then run south with all the money. Why don’t you go on the air and explain why you stole money you choking pig.

    By D on May 29, 2009

  43. Yes, again w/ the namecalling, because you don’t deserve to be treated intelligently you piece of shit. You wanna debate this civilized like, i invite you FanNation (you can get there thru they have something called a ThrowDown where 2 people present their cases and others vote who’s right.

    How many times do you keep comparing Farve to Tarkenton? I TOLD YOU, THEY PLAYED IN DIFFERENT ERAS. The game was played differently. Farve’s INT rate is WORSE than every HOF QB of the last 30 yrs. WORSE. Tarkenton’s INT rate was BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN HIS ERA.

    If Tark had thrown 9280 attempts like Farve, he would have thrown for 2,617 MORE YARDS THAN FARVE. So shut the fuck up already about Farve’s ydg, it is a function of throwing the ball more.

    You compare records, which again, IS A TEAM STAT and WORTHLESS FOR COMPARISON. Tark played on an EXPANSION TEAM. The Vikings were born in 1960, and Tark played 10 games as a rookie in 1961, THEIR SECOND YR OF EXISTENCE. And they didn’t have free agency. The only free agents were guys past their prime (think Unitas going to San Diego) or young guys who couldn’t play and got released. It took time to build a competitive team, much longer than it does now. And yet, the Vikings were in the SB in 1969 after only 8 yrs in the league.

    They didn’t have a veteran laden team w/ a Def MVP when he took over. Plus, he’s already played more games than anyone EVER AT QB. He ought to have the record for wins, EVEN THOUGH ITS A BULLSHIT RECORD.

    SB win, who did Brett beat? The Patriots, who were a Wild Card team, had to win 3 road playoff games just to get to the SB, were tired, and their coach, Bill Parcells was negotiating w/ the JETs DURING SB WEEK!!! Distraction?!?! Ya think!?!

    Tark lost to the Dolphins, just before their undefeated season, the Steelers who won quite a few SBs, and the Raiders, who would have had a lot more SB appearances if not for always losing to the Steelers (Immaculate Reception – ever hear of it, that was vs OAK in the AFC title game) 3 Immortal teams, the Patriots were an average team that just got hot and was lucky to even be there.

    Accuracy? 4% difference in accuracy? Again, comparing eras, Tark was the most accurate passer of his era, Farve’s stats are padded by all the slants and screens they ran in GB.

    Longest TD pass is a joke, what are you reading a media guide? Its a fluke. At least a dozen guys have thrown a 99 ydr. And in Brett’s case it was a 5 yd slant, taken for 99 yds BY THE WR, but again, you give all the credit to Brett. But the guy running 90+ yds gets nothing.

    You’rea fucking moron, and you deserve to be called such, cuz you’ve trotted out the same BS stats in 3 straight posts, and i’ve refuted them all.

    By Big Jonny on May 29, 2009

  44. Look, you think just by getting the last word in you win, fine, you can have the last word.

    But remember when comparing Comp % across eras.

    For the 60s and most of the 70s (all but maybe 2 yrs of Tark’s career) there was no 5 yard rule on hitting receivers. Defenders could do whatever they wanted to stop a receiver, all the way down the field. It made it a lot harder for a receiver to get open.

    THEREFORE, everyone’s completion percentage was lower during Tark’s time. THAT DOESN’T MEAN FARVE IS BETTER.

    Farve’s Comp % is BELOW Young and Montana, who ran the same offense as Farve, w/ the same rules governing receiver contact.

    My last word, THIS SHOULDN’T EVEN BE A COMPARISION BETWEEN THESE TWO. Tarkenton’s comments were about Farve’s lack of commitment to the team. All Brett wants is to come back and play games on Sundays, but he’s not willing to put in the work necessary for the team to succeed, Brett just wants to keep playing FOR HIMSELF.

    Oh yeah, and you’re a fucking idiot.

    By Big Jonny on May 29, 2009

  45. @ Big Jonny –

    LOL – can’t defend yourself – so just name call.

    Actually, I stopped bothering trying to read your nonsensical rants.

    Every time I have proved you are wrong and instead of defending your point you just name call. LOL.

    Again, if you want to frame it as Favre as a team player.

    You do know it was the Packers who traded him.

    Ted Thompson was the one who gave up on him.

    The packers were 13-3 with Favre
    the packers were 6-10 sans Favre

    The packers were a better team with Favre and the Jets were a better team with Favre. If Favre goes to the Vikings, the Vikings will be a better team because of Favre.
    Again, Favre still threw for more than 20,000 yards than Fran.

    Favre still won more games than Fran Tarkenton.

    Favre still won a SB, which Fran Tarkenton did not ever win.

    And Favre still has a better TD to INT ratio than Fran Tarkenton.

    And Favre is/was a much more accurate passer than Fran Tarkenton.

    Favre has or tied the record for consecutive completions, longest TD pass, etc.

    Anyway, you make me laugh..

    C’mom call me some more names! LOL

    By D on May 29, 2009

  46. You know for everyone bashing Favre, I got news for you, he doesn’t care. Just like Jerry Rice didn’t care that people thought he was selfish and played too long and Michael Jordan who could care less about what people thought about his gambling and unretirments. Favre has won more games then anyone, and he was the main reason Reggie White came to town, and inturn brought free agents of his own. My God so the man thinks a liitle of him self to think that the team he lead to a NFC Champ game the year before might welcome him back! My what a jerk he is for thinking that. He’s not like T.O. and other super stars who say loud obnoxius comments to the media, the man just wants to play football. And the fact that Tarkenton thinks that Favre would fail is laughable, If Favre didnt have an arm injury last year that Jets would have done better. So in turn, Fran can go shut his face and go back to people not knowing who he is.

    By Blaine on May 30, 2009

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