Robert Horry Thinks He Belongs in the Hall of Fame, The Debate Begins

June 10, 2009 – 10:00 am by Jimmy Shapiro

One of my favorite parts of being a sports fan is the debates I have with my friends.  Does Pete Rose belong in the Hall of Fame?  Who is better Joe Montana, Dan Marino, or John Elway? Is golf really a sport?  Who was better Bird or Magic?  Should pro players be allowed to play in the Olympics?  Should MLB allow instant replay all the time?  Who’s more attractive, Venus or Serena?  You get the point.  I think Robert Horry’s candidacy for the NBA Hall of Fame will go down as one of the greatest debates of our time.

The pros:  7 championship rings with three different teams, one of the most clutch shooters of all time, numbers up across the board during the playoffs, tremendous defender with the ability to guard up to four positions, intangible factors that played a huge role in his teams being so successful.

The cons:  Only averaged 7.0 points and 4.8 rebounds per game over his career, shot a paltry .425 from the field for his career including six years under 40%, never was one of the top two players on his team, never fully realized his potential as a player.

I can honestly see both sides of the debate and this is really new territory for the voters of the NBA Hall of Fame.  If I had a vote, I would have to vote no.  Just because he won seven championships and guys like Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Patrick Ewing never won one, doesn’t mean he’s on the same level of greatness as them.  Yes, Horry was money in the clutch, but he always left me with the feeling that he should havebeen so much better than he was.  Should he be mentioned in same breath with some of the clutchest NBA shooters…absolutely.  MJ, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, Jerry, Dr. J, Horry, Baylor, Russell.  Something just doesn’t seem right there.

Robert Horry joined The Dan Patrick Show before game three of the NBA Finals and discussed his candidacy for the NBA Hall of Fame.  Let the debate begin.

Which hat he would wear in the Hall of Fame:

I can’t even come up with the words because I don’t know. I would probably have to go with the Lakers hat because I won 3 championships there and I played 7 seasons there so I have to go with the numbers.”

Does he think he’ll go to the Hall of Fame?

To be honest with you I don’t think so. I think I should be because I’ve done a lot of great things in basketball. A lot of people look at the scoring aspect of basketball, they don’t look at the other things like defense, winning; I think I’m one of the most winningest players in this game. I’m a specialist in that I go out and make a team better; I was a specialist in playing D, I was a specialist in getting the job done and being a great teammate. You look at all of the guys I’ve played with and you go down in the 4th quarter and ask who do you want in the 4th quarter, they want me.”

Who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more: Dennis Rodman or Robert Horry?

“I’ll take me.”

Listen to Robert Horry on the Dan Patrick Show

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  1. 12 Responses to “Robert Horry Thinks He Belongs in the Hall of Fame, The Debate Begins”

  2. I’ve debated this a lot with my friends. Basically, if KC Jones is in, Horry CERTAINLY should be in.

    By Rory on Jun 10, 2009

  3. Rodman….hands down….and he’ll wear a purple hat with a feather in it. lmao Horry in the HoF….pffft yea his spot will be right next to Bruce Bowen…

    By Kevin on Jun 10, 2009

  4. In all 7 of his championship wins he was never the pivotal player just a role player. Then if a player who played on every team for boston from 1959-1966 with the 8 straight should be in also. He is the ultimate role player

    By Bryan on Jun 10, 2009

  5. Definitely not – sure he was clutch, but he was also often left wide open. Teams usually draw plays to stop the dominant guys (Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Ginobili, Olajuwon) in the last seconds of games and have the other guys make the shot. Horry was the “other” guy.

    By DC on Jun 10, 2009

  6. I… don’t think so. How can a guy who was never named as an All-Star be considered HOFe material? Rodman was a two time All-Star, two time Defensive Player of the Year, and had seven rebounding titles to go along with his rings. Horry didn’t have any individual accolades, he just made big shots. He made plenty of them, but I don’t think that makes him and HOFer.

    By 800lb on Jun 10, 2009

  7. Horry already got his award for his career: 7 championship rings. He did nothing to deserve the Hall.

    Rodman, on the other hand, can make a decent case for membership.

    By grover on Jun 10, 2009

  8. Yes, absolutely. Robert Horry was a winner. How different would history be if the Sacramento Queens had won the championship in 2001, or if Detroit were the back to back champs in ’05. Robert Horry has a huge effect on his teams, even if the numbers don’t support it. The NBA hall of fame is not like the MLB hall of fame, the restrictions are not as strict, and Horry definitely has a place.

    By Alex on Jun 11, 2009

  9. I agree with 800lb and most others. I am a Lakers season ticket holder for 9 years and saw it all. I love Big Game Bob but putting him in the Hall is like calling a lotto winner a great businessman. Every club he won a ring with would probably have still won that championship without him. Rodman should be in without question as should Artis Gilmore and the Kings new coach, Mr. Westphal.

    By Ross Pake on Jun 11, 2009

  10. I think Robert Horry should go into the HOF. He is the only person that has won 7 NBA rings with three different teams. Some of the Celtics from the Russel era that got in do not have the great stats either. The Lakers don’t win the 3 championships without him on the team and the Rockets and Spurs don’t win the 2 championships without him on hte team. Every team and coach in the NBA wanted him during his run. Michael Jordan should be the new Logo for the NBA without a doubt. He is responsible for taking the NBA global and Intergalatical (Space Jam)

    By Kenneth Hicks on Jun 22, 2009

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