Jake Peavy All But Off The Trade Market

June 16, 2009 – 8:45 am by Lance Zimmerman

Jake Peavy must love to lose. The San Diego Padres had him traded to the Chicago White Sox about a month ago, and Peavy stepped in and nixed the deal, thanks in part to a no-trade clause he has in his contract. Now, Peavy has a strained tendon in his right ankle and will miss at least a month, and some reports have him missing up to three months. This all but kills the potential for him being dealt.

The Padres are going nowhere fast once again this season. They’re 13 games behind the NL’s best team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and six games below .500, and that’s with Peavy being able to take the mound every fifth day. His stint on the DL could cement the Padres into the cellar for the rest of the season.

Unloading Peavy wouldn’t have provided automatic relief, other than in the form of payroll, but the return the Padres could expect on trading a proven ace would be monumental and would make inroads in terms of rebuilding.

Jake Peavy joined XX Sports Radio to discuss his injury and how he handled the news of the diagnosis.

On the ankle being problematic throughout the season and finally landing him on the DL:

“Obviously we had it diagnosed pretty correctly, minus the severity of it. We just thought it was maybe a mild strain. Those doctors and trainers can only go off of what I’m telling them and I felt I was good enough to be out there. When we had the pictures on Friday it showed a little more severity than what we had originally thought. If this thing was to get bad and full on rupture or tear, it could be a very severe injury (with) up to a year of recovery time with surgery required. That’s something we have to avoid and take the action we’re taking now.”

Peavy was asked how he handled the latest diagnosis:

“It’s tough. I made three starts after this injury on my ankle, albeit not fun, but that’s what we do. We’re athletes. We’re competitors and we want to get out there. Tomorrow night there will be plenty of guys out there playing that aren’t 100%, some worse than others. There are certain players out there that just want to play. I promised my teammates, my fans and anybody else, when you see me out on the field you know that I’m hurt. A lot of the times when we’re out on the field we’re not 100% so its frustrating. I was getting ready to drive to Anaheim and start Saturday night and preparing for that. You go have an M.R.I. to really know what’s going on because the ankle wasn’t getting a whole lot better and responding to treatment. When you sit down with three doctors and hear that news, it’s a tough one.”

On the line between playing hurt, and playing injured:

“We as players take full responsibility for that. As good as these trainers and doctors are, they go off what we tell them. I knew my ankle hurt. If you watch me pitch its not any secret that my ankle was hurting. I couldn’t do normal things that pitchers can do out there. It’s that mentality that a lot of athletes have. It is so hard to not play, especially when you’re expected to play and you want to be out there for your teammates. Its hard. I’m definitely more on the stubborn side of things. If I think I can get out there, I’m going to get out there.”

Peavy was asked if he thinks he’ll be with the Padres through the season, or if he’ll be traded:

“Obviously this helps that cause with me being on this team (through the end of the season). I never wanted anything like this to happen but it is hard to trade for a player who can’t play the game of baseball.”

Listen to Jake Peavy on XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Darren Smith

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