Dwyane Wade Says Kobe’s The Best Player In The Game, But Not As Good As MJ

June 17, 2009 – 10:00 am by Jimmy Shapiro

After two injury plagued seasons where he only played 51 games in each, the whispers started to become louder that Dwyane Wade’s style of play wasn’t conducive to a long and prosperous NBA career.  After arguably being the MVP of the Redeem Team last summer, Wade put together his best season by far.  He played in a career high 79 games, led the NBA in scoring, and was 2nd in steals, 13th in assists, and incredibly 16th in blocks.  Without Dwayne Wade, the Heat maybe win 20 games.

Wade may not be as good as Kobe or LeBron, but he’s pretty damn close.  Just like the Cavs, the pressure is on Pat Riley and the Heat to put a squad around Wade that can compete for a championship.  If not, we may see Wade leave Miami during the bedlam that will be the free agency period of 2010.  Wade took part in a great interview with his hometown station ESPN Radio Chicago and delved into many topics ranging from going to one of the finals games, who’s the best player in the game today, Kobe vs. MJ, his free agency in 2010, and Derrick Rose’s picture controversy.

Was it tough for you to watch the NBA Finals?

“You know what, it’s always tough. As much as I went to some of the games, I’m the kind of person who likes to visualize things, I like to see things, so I visualize myself on the court playing in the Finals once again. I actually went to one of the games in Orlando to see the great players and the great teams. Hopefully my team will get back there one day.”

Who’s better Bryant or Jordan?

“To me growing up and watching Michael Jordan and knowing everything that he’s done for our game. Even Kobe would say you don’t want to be compared to that guy. I mean, Jordan is the best that we’ve seen in our time and a lot of people are going to see for many years to come. But Kobe Bryant is exceptionally great in his own matter. All the things he’s been through over the last seven years, for him to get his fourth ring, I think a lot of people were pulling for him to do that. Orlando, I think a lot of people were surprised they made it there but they haven’t been through nothing yet so you know this kind of team, if they would have won, there would have been a lot of teams and a lot of veterans that played in the league would have been mad about that. I think that everyone is happy that Kobe, the great player that he is, got his fourth ring.”

Who’s the best player in the NBA today?

“I believe that Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the game, his experience and his overall talent. It’s not taking away from Lebron, it’s not taking away from Carmelo, it’s not taking away from myself. Kobe has been in the game longer than the rest of us, he’s older than us, he’s smart with the game. He’s the better player.”

Shaqto Cleveland talk circulating:

“You never know what to expect out of Shaq. I think a lot of people thought in Miami at the end he didn’t havemuch left but he proved when he went to Phoenix he had a lot more left. Put him with a guy like Lebron James you don’t haveto do too much. He could cruise into the playoffs. That’s something we aren’t looking forward to in the Eastern Conference. At the same time Clevelandis trying to put someone around Lebron now to win a championship.”

What are the chances of you coming back to Chicago?

“If I could say one thing I would say that I’m blessed to be in a position where I have options. I thank god for those options. 2010, free agency only comes up once so I’m going to make sure that I think about this and do it right. Of course I love Miami, this is where I built my career at. Chicago is always the place I’m from, there’s going to be talk about that of course, but right now I’m trying to do what I can to make sure that the team that I’m on be as good as we can be. When it’s time for me to think about it, then I will do just that.”

You’re not ruling out Chicago?

“I’m not ruling out a lot of places, but I’m not really thinking about those places either. Like I said, 2010 is the year when I will sit down and open up my options and hopefully I’m still blessed and healthy to have those options and then go from there. But Miami is my number one option and I’ve made that clear. That’s where I want to be and hopefully we can get everything right here in Miami.”

Listen to DwyaneWade on ESPN Radio Chicago with Waddle and Silvy

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  1. 26 Responses to “Dwyane Wade Says Kobe’s The Best Player In The Game, But Not As Good As MJ”

  2. There you go. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the game today according to, Dwyane Wade, who is also arguably the best player..

    By NMQ on Jun 18, 2009

  3. Basketball is about control, no one controlled the basketball court the way MJ did. Greatest
    of all time, & i’m a Knick fan.

    By onix on Jun 18, 2009

  4. Wade is a better player than Kobe RIGHT NOW. Both he and Lebron are better TODAY than Kobe. Yet, both would say the politically correct thing-that Kobe’s the best player. The Finals proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kobe is on the downside of his career, and as such, has assumed the 3rd best player in the world with Chris Paul & Dwight (rbs & blks) right on his heels. Just look at Kobe’s Finals stats compared to Lebrons against orlando and Wades’ stats in the finals against Dallas.

    By bk on Jun 18, 2009

  5. bk stop running your mouth sayin kobe on da decline your dumb 4 even stating A FACT LYKE THT WADE AND LEBRON ARE NOT BETTA DEN KOBE GO WATCH THA WNBA OR SUMTIN CUZ YU HAVE NO CLUE WAT YU YUR TAWKIN ABT IDIOT

    By ThaChOoSen1 on Jun 18, 2009

  6. Kobe on the downside of his career? you smoking something? physically, probably, but mentally, maturity, i don’t think so. But then again, if this is the kobe we know who’s on the downside of his career and he’s winning championships – I have no problem with it.

    By anon on Jun 18, 2009

  7. D Wade was 8th in APG and 7th in total assist this year. Check your stats blogger boy.

    By Nate on Jun 18, 2009

  8. What we saw in the last Finals is what we saw when MJ played. A combination of Basketball IQ, raw physical talent and determination. D-Wade, LeBron and Kobe all have a mountain of talent, but Kobe is the smarter, more determined player. Plus, Kobe has the Lakers organization behind him, and PJ as his coach! Made a difference for MJ!

    By Apogeal on Jun 18, 2009

  9. @ bk, Kobe on downside? And just how did Lebron’s performance against Orlando and Wade’s against Dallas in the Finals trump Kobe’s? First of all Lebron lost so those exaggerated numbers was a necessity for that overmatched team. Kobe, on the other hand didn’t have to average 38 to beat Orlando, his team was better. And as far as the Wade vs. Dallas thing goes, which is a tougher defense Josh Howard, Jason Terry, and Dirk, or Courtney Lee, Micael Pietrus, and D. Howard? Oh, I thought so……

    By BigTuddy on Jun 18, 2009

  10. bottom line – Kobe played on the best team. Don’t compare wins and losses when you try to argue who the best player is. Put Lebron or D-Wade on the Lakers instead of Kobe and they still win the championship. The title doesn’t mean anything in the best player argument.

    Here’s how you tell who the best player is right now – go ask every GM in the league which player he’d want on his team in 2010 if given first pick between Kobe, LeBron, and D-Wade. Not which player does he want for the next 5 or 10 years, just for 2010. I guarantee you the Lakers GM would say Kobe and all 29 other GMs would pick LeBron – and it wouldn’t be a tough decision.

    By JD on Jun 18, 2009

  11. ok if u guys are right so championships don’t define greatness and then let’s compete for the numbers and 35 points per game thru 82 games in for 2006 is still something u might not see for a while since MJ and Kobe
    u dumbass
    champions’ring defines greatness and best coz it requires raw talents, smart decisions and ability to make those around u better which is what was used as argument to tarnish the kobester reputation and now that there is nothing like that more u are trying to fooling around

    By Apo on Jun 18, 2009

  12. + in the annual survey edited by the nba to know who is likely to be the cornerstone for the successful franchise the year after all 30 gms have chosen not the choked one but kobe since 4 years
    go check it

    By Apo on Jun 18, 2009

  13. BK u dont know s h i t about basketball. u comparing stuffs by stats. to be the best is not all about the stats. wade and lebron is not better than kobe. kobe could easily put up 40 against orlando but he knew he couldnt win if he did that. he has odom and gasol. two great players who can give u production every single night. hes been labeled as selfish in his whole career and he just realized that he cant win by himself by scoring all the point. the reason lebron put up the numbers that he did is because he basically doesnt have anyone in his in crucial situations and say, “here goes the ball and score.” the reason cleveland was so good was because lebron elevated his game and had to carry his team every single team by making plays for his teammates and so did wade. and y r u even talking about a different series against a different team that was 2 yrs ago with miami and dallas? LOL.

    By julzz on Jun 18, 2009

  14. Wade was right, Kobe is still the best in basketball today. The way he plays and understand the game. You can dominate the stat sheet but if you don’t win those like nothing. Kobe had his best stat in 2006 but he was ousted in the first round. From there on he have learned that stats is only good on papers but it usually doesn’t convert to wins. In term of overall skills Kobe is better than any of the players today. If you add in the experience and number of times he has been in the finals it will even set him further apart. I think for for 4 more years Kobe will still be on top of his game and still be the best the game can offer. And by the way, Kobe’s final stats this year is the best stat he has in 6 finals appearances. Is that deteriorating or what?

    By Talking about stats on Jun 18, 2009

  15. You guys make the worst arguments in the world. This must be the web site for sports morons.

    The players don’t decide who their teammates are. You win because you have the best TEAM. Kobe won another title because his team had WAY MORE TALENT than any other team. That doesn’t make him the best player right now. Perfect example: Everyone would agree Kobe was the best player in the league from 2006-2008 and he didn’t win a single championship during that time. Ask anyone who was the best player in the league when D-Wade won his title and they would say Kobe, not Wade even though Wade led his team to a ring.

    Which brings us back to this: ASK ANY GM who would be his first pick if he could have only one player in the world for one year. They’d all pick LeBron (with the exception of the Lakers GM) and wouldn’t think twice.

    That’s all the proof you need. Nobody has an argument to beat that so you might as well stop typing and making yourselves look stupid.

    By JD on Jun 18, 2009

  16. Anyone who doesn’t KNOW that Kobe could score 40+ points a game if he just wanted to simply hasn’t been paying attention. Kobe is STILL the best in the league because he has learned to throttle his game to sit the other players on his team. If he needs to score 40 points, he can. If he needs to score 25 and dish out 7 assists, he can.

    As leader of the Lakers on the court, Kobe tries to get the other players involved. He usually has a good grasp on what the Lakers need to do to beat the team they are playing. Unfortunately, sometimes the Lakers don’t hit their shots and occasionally blow their defensive assignments. When the Lakers are following Kobe and allowing him to facilitate, Kobe’s numbers typically go down, but they win more games.

    Kobe’s at the place in his career where winning games is more important then scoring a lot of points or flying through the air to make spectacular defensive plays.

    By Raymond on Jun 18, 2009

  17. In fact you guys are right about through out the regular season. this isnt kobe from 06 or 07. this kobe is by wade/kobe/lebron standards only slightly above average during the regular season. all 29 GMs would surely pick him third of the 3 players.

    However, for a play off run, i think the numbers would be a little different. in the playoffs is where having a kobe is a greater advantage. i feel the majority of the GMs given a decent team would pick him first. given a poor team they would pick lebron first. lebron is better at carrying team, kobe is better at getting a team over the hump. wade is an injury prone combination of the 2.

    By Kamaal on Jun 18, 2009

  18. Okay, in my opinion (not that it matters), Dwayne Wade is definitely the best player in the game right now. No one gives him credit for anything. In the MVP talks, it was Kobe or LeBron, even Dwight got more recognition then Wade. That is just stupid. I mean look what Wade did for his team this season alone.. after winning only 15 games, he took them back… a basically a rookie team, and won them 43 games this season. THAT by itself is amazing. Yes I understand that it was a team effort, but honestly averaging 30 points a game is all him, not a team effort. They don’t even have a legit point guard and barely a center in J. O’ Neal. So yeah, he carried the team on his back the entire season and yet, he wasn’t even a true MVP candidate? I don’t understand why. LeBron is great, he was 2nd in scoring. His team was one, if not the top one, this season. But he has a great team. Not a rookie team. Their BACK-UP center is BEN WALLACE.. come on! He is an allstar.. granted he was injured but he was healthy for most of the season. Ben Wallace, if given to Miami, I think Miami would be significantly better cause of his defense. Look at other players… Mo Williams? Zydrunas Ilgauskas? I mean their starting line up is great. Yeah, point-wise, you can give it to LeBron, Mo, and Ilgauskas, but everyone else is great in their own categories.. defense.. rebounds, etc… To me, you take LeBron out of Cleveland, they are still a decent team. Not as amazing as they are with LeBron, but thats with any team.. take out their star player.. and they go down a lot. But regardless, take out LeBron, they still got decent players who play their part and can fight.

    But what about Miami? Take out Wade, who do they have? J O’ Neal?? Beasley? Chalmers? Diawara???? Yeah they won’t stand a chance against any team if you take out Wade, THAT TO ME, makes him the MVP. He was deserving and should have won it this year. But cause of the fact that they all look at their team, rather than the player… it has to go to LeBron James. Might as well called it MVT … Most Valuable Team.. why do they call it Most Valuable Player then? Its so stupid.

    I am not taking away from LeBron or Kobe. Both are great. I mean, Kobe is getting old, and yet he is still so effective and great, but like LeBron, he also has a great team. Great center.. great PF. Decent PG in Derek because he is a veteran. Their bench is good.. and heck, Trevor Ariza was one of the main reasons they were so successful in the playoffs.

    So as far as this debate goes of who is the best player, I think this season, Wade takes it. However, overall, you can not take that away from Kobe because of the career he has had and how good and effective he is at this stage of his career.

    The END 🙂

    By Arslan on Jun 18, 2009

  19. Just to be little clear on my last comment, I meant they usually look at the team with the most wins to figure out who the MVP is. Which, to me, is stupid because that also usually makes the TEAM good, not just the player. If a team is good, they are just going to pick their star player and say he is the MVP. That is unfair for many other players in the league. You should look at the person who made the team SIGNIFICANTLY better compared to in the past. And to me, that is Wade because from a 15 win season (taking in account that he was injured and didn’t play a lot of games), he brought them back and won 43 games and led them to the playoffs.

    By Arslan on Jun 19, 2009

  20. JD, you’re the biggest moron on this so called website of sports morons…

    “Don’t compare wins and losses when you try to argue who the best player is…”

    That’s a retard thinking. Most people define greatness with winning, not losing dude. And I’m tired of people saying Lebron has no players around him… Before they played and lost to the Magic people were praising his teammates and how good they were and how they had the best defense in the world and not to mention the best record and another All-Star on the team w/ Lebron. That talk stopped real quick when they lost to the Magic. All of a sudden Lebron’s teammates suck and Mo Williams wasn’t really an All-Star… People make more excuses for Lebron than any other player in the league. You don’t get the best record in the league because of one player and a bunch of scrubs. And ofcourse all the GM’s would pick Lebron over Kobe if they had a choice… The guy is much younger than Kobe and at this point in their careers Lebron’s got more years left than Kobe. That’s just math, genius. But, if we’re going to be hypothetical about it then put Kobe at Lebron’s age, who do you think the GM’s would pick then? The guy who is one dimensional w/ an inconsistent jump shot or the guy who can do everything in the book? That’s a no brainer. Kobe was where Lebron is now. I say “was” because he’s been there, done that. People forget Kobe used to take the ball to the hole w/ the same ease as Lebron is doing now. MJ did too, but later MJ got smart and worked on other facets of his game to make him completely unstoppable. Well folks, where do you think Kobe is at right now? How quickly people forget Kobe’s crazy moves to the hoop or the crazy stats Kobe used to put up. But if you just like stats let’s bring up 81 points or the multiple 60 points or the multiple 50 points or the multiple 40 points Kobe’s had. I believe the only person to score more than 81 points is Wilt, not Lebron, or Wade, and not even Jordan. Kobe also owns the record for multiple 50 and 40 point games in a row. How do you like them apples for stats! Oh and the most important stat of all between Kobe and Lebron… 4 rings to 0. I’m sure Lebron will get his ring one day and I’m sure someday he’ll develop a better jump shot, but as of now… Kobe’s got him. Did I mention Kobe has 4 rings? 4 rings and 6 Finals? Right now for me I’d say Kobe, then D-Wade (since he has one ring), and then Lebron. But then again, maybe Garnett should be 3, then Lebron 4 (since Garnett is an animal and has a ring over Lebron too). Matter of fact, let’s say Garnett 3, Dwight 4, and Lebron 5 since Dwight just beat Lebron! Hmmm, Duncan’s got 4… Ok, Kobe, then Duncan, then Wade, then Garnett, then Dwight, then Lebron! Wow, that’s 6th place… well, 6th place isn’t bad! Blasphemy! Oh no I didn’t! Not the “Annointed One”! Not “King James”! Forgive me Father for I have sinned!

    May you…

    Strike me down w/ great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brother Lebron. And you will know his name is the Lord when he lays his “stat” vengeance upon thee!

    By heffa on Jun 19, 2009

  21. Ya Wut heffa said! f u..c k lebron! overrated

    By ryno on Jun 19, 2009

  22. Lebron might have put up better numbers against Orlando, but guess what Kobe Bryant had more wins, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

    By Phlava on Jun 19, 2009

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