Plaxico Burress is Number 1 – With a Bullet!

June 17, 2009 – 8:45 am by Lance Zimmerman

Plaxico Burress is easily the best free agent still available. Problem for him is most teams feel that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is going to hand Plaxico a lengthy suspension for carrying an unregistered hand gun which accidentally went off, wounding Plaxico in the leg, last November.

Recently a judge has suspended Plaxico’s case until September. This assures that the earliest trial date for his case, should the grand jury indict him of carrying an unregistered weapon, would be spring of 2010.

Currently there are more than five teams that make sense as a potential landing spot for Plaxico. The Jets, Bears and Eagles make the most sense as teams looking for one piece to get them over the top. I would argue that the Jets are more than a Plaxico Burress away from reaching the playoffs, but I digress.

It would be in Plaxico’s best interest for Commissioner Goodell to hurry up and issue his punishment. Without the infinite suspension hanging over his head, teams can get serious about signing him.

Plaxico Burress’s Attorney Benjamin Brafman joined WSCR to discuss his client’s chances of playing in the NFL this upcoming season.  BTW, looking at this picture, I realize Plaxico is tall, but Brafman may be shorter than Danny Devito.

On if he feels the court date being pushed out until September aid’s Plaxico in being able to play this year:

“I think it does. I think the principle reason for the adjournment was the case and not Plaxico’s ability to play. The fact that it has been adjourned makes it very unlikely that there could be a trial in this case until after the spring or during the spring of 2010, if the grand jury indicts him that’s when the trial would be and if they don’t indict him the case will be over in September.”

Brafman was asked if they rejected a plea offer:

“There have been a lot of inaccurate stories concerning plea discussions. All I will tell you is that there were discussions to see if this case could be resolved. To date they have not been successful and I am not thinking at this time that we’re going to make much progress.”

On if he feels that Commissioner Roger Goodell will suspend Plaxico:

“I hope not. I’m not a sports agent and I don’t do that kind of work. In my experience in representing professionals in different areas, both lawyers and entertainers, celebrities of one kind or another, all of them in my experience have been able to continue in their job until charges are resolved. I think it’s a basic right that all citizens are entitled to. It’s the presumption of innocence and their ability to work until the case is resolved. I know the Commissioner has discretion and I’m told there are a lot of mitigating factors. It was a lawfully registered weapon in Florida. It was not used in the commission of a crime. The only person who was injured was Plaxico. There are a lot of dynamics about this case that suggest that this was an unfortunate lapse in judgment and a tragic accident, not an intentional criminal act by Plaxico.”

Listen to Benjamin Brafman on WSCR in Chicago with Mully and Hanley

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