Ray Allen: How Did Seattle Lose Their Team?

June 17, 2009 – 10:15 am by Tas Melas

One of the finer speaking players in the NBA, Ray Allen is easy on the ears.  A lot of players spit the cliches and quite frankly, a lot of their interviews are a waste of time.  Allen bucks this trend as he’s able to speak about issues outside of jump shooting and the play of the bench.  As a former Sonic, he frustratingly describes the team’s move below.  He outlines what we were all thinking but lead to believe otherwise by the higher-ups involved – it was all about the money.  Honestly, this is nothing new when it comes to sports or the world around us, really.  But, sports goes beyond the greenbacks when it comes to a fan base and it’s always so tough on the emotions of a team’s fanatics when they have to watch their organization get up and leave.  I’ve never had to go through that personally, but taking away something people can rely on as always being there must be a little traumatic.  Allen may not have to worry about money, and thus, can say, ‘Sometimes you should look past the dollars,’ but he’s right, and we should.  Allen joined 1560 The Game to discuss who he was cheering for in the playoffs, if he let Denzel Washington score on him in ‘He Got Game,’ and his take on the Sonics leaving Seattle.

Was it hard to watch the playoffs after winning the championship last year?

“It is, it is.  It was very hard.  I think the one reason that I did watch was because I was really supporting Rashard Lewis, I wanted to see him do well.  He was the best player, I thought, on the team throughout the playoffs and I was just rooting for him.  I wanted to see him have a great playoffs and I wanted to see them beat the Lakers.  But other than that, I watched with one foot in, one foot out because if nobody could win, I was all for it, but obviously we had to choose a winner but it just makes you work that much harder when it’s time to get back at it again.”

On his feelings about the Sonics leaving Seattle:

“That absolutely sucks.  I mean, anybody who’s from Seattle loves that city and that’s been one of the best cities in the NBA.  I think so many people couldn’t get out of their own way up in Seattle, from the people in government to some higher-ups to some people who had a little bit of cash in their pockets, it’s like everybody was playing the politic game and the fans suffered.  Let’s forget about who’s making money and how we’re making money, but you can’t let a team leave this city, because now you want to be one of the upper-echelon cities in America because of, you talk about so many different things from the arts to less traffic to now, in today’s day and age, you’ve gotta have four major sports teams.  And every city in America is trying to get a sports team in their city to enhance their city, and Seattle loses a sports team.  How does that happen?”

On if he let Denzel Washington score in the climactic scene in ‘He Got Game’:

“I honestly didn’t.  That day was a very windy day on Coney Island and it was four o’clock in the morning and we were trying to utilize all the night-time that we could.  And so we’re on Coney Island and it’s windy as I don’t know what, and the ball’s like one of them balls that they used in the ‘Fish That Saved Pittsburgh’ it was so old.  It was crazy because his first shot, I was supposed to beat him 11-0, and his first shot I’m guarding him, and it’s exactly what you saw is what happened, but he shot the ball and the ball — if you saw the ball from my vantage point the ball looked like it was about to hit the corner of the backboard — then the wind just drew the ball off the glass and it went in the hole.  And I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Uhhhhh, cut! Cut!’  That’s not supposed to happen, what’s going on, that’s not supposed to happen!  At that moment I was looking at Denzel like, ‘This man is acting like he can play basketball now!”

Listen to Ray Allen on 1560 the Game in Houston with Sean and John

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