Will Brandon Jennings Start A New Trend?

June 22, 2009 – 9:15 am by Jimmy Shapiro

For my money, Brandon Jennings and where he gets drafted is the biggest story in the upcoming draft.  Jennings with the aide of Sonny Vaccaro bypassed college and went directly to Europe to earn some dough and make basketball his full time job.  I personally don’t have a problem with this.  Some kids just don’t like school and I don’t think it’s fair to force them to go to college just so they can get drafted by the NBA.  It’s kind of archaic to me and really demeans the college experience.  Yes I know the colleges use the athletes as much as the athletes use the colleges, but many of these kids love their experience at college.  It’s really your last chance to be a kid and not be burdened with responsibilities.

If Jennings gets drafted in the top ten, you’ll see other kids that have trouble with their test scores or are averse to going to school migrate overseas.  It may force the NBA to change their rules.  Although David Stern has been known to be a bit stubborn.

Jennings joined WNDE  to discuss the draft, playing overseas, and he backtracks on his comments about Ricky Rubio

If he could do it again, would he still go to Europe?

“Yes I would. The decision to go overseas was great for me. Me and my family had a great time. I learned a lot of things on and off the court. I got a year under my belt playing with grown men so you can’t complain about that.”

His biggest lesson from the past year:

“Off the court I learned a lot about life. We don’t know how good we have it until you step outside your boundaries and your cover zone. You go to another country and live for a whole year, you see the difference just in life. We have it really good over here. I’m really blessed to be an American after everything that I’ve seen.”


On alluding to Rubio’s game being overrated:

“I think it got a little out of hand. The kid’s not overrated. He has more experience than anybody in this draft. He’s been playing pro ball since he’s been 15. The kid is a great kid. I know him off the court; we did a photo shoot in Italy for Slam Magazine and that was awesome. No disrespect to the kid. I think since he’s the best point guard in this draft and I want to be the best point guard in the draft, I’m just a competitor and I just want to compete against the best.”

What he thinks he needs to improve:

“Just getting stronger, getting more comfortable going right and also just tightening up that jump shot a little bit more.”

Listen to Brandon Jennings on WNDE in Indianapolis with JMV

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