Serena Williams Is A Busy Woman

June 23, 2009 – 10:30 am by Tas Melas

When many tennis fans think of Serena Williams, they think of the term, ‘Untapped potential.’  The younger Williams sister has a lot of other interests including: the beach, acting, and writing.  This article surmises the differences between the two sisters and how Serena could have had a much more storied career.  It brings up the debate: Can we really hate a player for not having the drive of a Tiger Woods?  In sports, I know there’s a part of each and every one of us that burns when we don’t see a player reach his or her potential.  Hopefully, we’ll see that talent face off against Venus in the final of Wimbledon next weekend.  Serena Williams joined  The Fan 590 to discuss how her approach to the game has changed, her relationship with Venus, and how long she’ll continue to play tennis.

How her approach has changed throughout her career:

“My approach has definitely changed.  I think training has changed, I think people’s bodies have changed.  Other than practicing a lot, people are also doing things off the court a lot.  This was kind of the time of change over this ten years.  I’m definitely approaching the game different.”

On the new retractable roof at Wimbledon’s Centre Court:

“I haven’t seen it.  I’m excited.  There’s so much rain here every year and last year [there] was so much rain, I actually think it ended up helping my opponent.  It’s totally a different change, I’m ready for it and I look forward to hopefully having the chance to play in Centre Court.”

How she feels:

“I feel good.  I feel like I’m getting in pretty good shape.  Just trying to be more fit and I think that will help me reach the goals that I want to reach.”

Her relationship with Venus:

“We play doubles together, we live together.  We’re really close, we do everything together so it’s definitely more than seeing each other on the court.  We have lots of fun.”

On her acting career:

“It’s hard, I don’t have as much time as I would like.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and if I wasn’t a tennis player, I would have been [an actress].  However, I do take up the time I do have for acting and I’m also getting into writing.  I love to write and I’m really exploring that as well.”

How long she thinks she’ll continue playing tennis:

“I’m just going to play until I’m done and I’m a long ways away from that I think.  I’m enjoying every moment out there.  Today I was practicing and I was thinking of how much fun I’m having and the opportunity I have in my hands and how blessed I am.  As long as I continue to believe that way and as long as I have a smile on my face, I’ll be here for a long time.”

Listen to Serena Williams on The Fan 590 in Toronto

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