Gerald Henderson, The Surprising Dukie Turned Bobcat

June 29, 2009 – 7:45 am by Will Brinson

Gerald Henderson is in a weird situation, because he’s a former Duke Blue Devil and he’s now a Charlotte Bobcat. This is only bizarre because Michael Jordan routinely drafts anyone from Carolina, and Tyler Hansbrough was available at the time that the Cats took Henderson.

But whatever, it was a smarter play than going for the lanky, tall, uncoordinated white guy, right? So, yeah, Henderson is now a Bobcat and he got on the phone with WFNZ recently to discuss Larry Brown, his role with the Bobcats, what it’s like to be in “Tar Heel Country”, what he needs to improve heading into the season, what it was like having to leave Duke and his surprisingly awesome golf game.

On being a Bobcat and his role via Larry Brown:

“I talked to him last night after they chose me and he’s excited and he just told me that the team’s going to need me — they need depth at my position and he just told me to be ready to be taught and I’m looking forward to that.”

On being in TarHeel country and whether the fans will like him:

“Nah, you know. I can’t control any of that — obviously it is TarHeel country but I’m really going to be there just to play. It will be important for me play well and hopefully people will warm up to that.”

On why his game will translate to the pros:

“Well, I think, first off, defensively, I’ll be able to bring a presence coming from Duke where defense is real important. I think I’m pretty athletic, and that’s definitely going to help me at this level where everybody’s one of the best athletes in the world.”

On the criticism about his range:

“You know, I’m not known to be a shooter. At this point in my career, I’m known just to score the ball. But I think as I progress, I’ll definitely improve on my jump shooting … You know, I think my ball-handling obviously can get better as well, and maybe just not that thing, but I think my jump shooting can definitely improve as well.”

On his golf game:

“Well, back when I was playing I was about a scratch golfer. Going all over and doing tournaments is something I was really committed to. But it turned out basketball is really my thing; I’d be wasting a lot of my athleticism if I played golf.”

On leaving Duke:

“It was a pretty tough decision, but at the same time, I wanted to be a pro and wanted to start my career. You know, so it’s tough leaving a great school — I’ve got some great teammates and friends from Duke, but at the same time it feels really good to start my pro career and do something I’ve always wanted to do.”

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