Now Philadelphia Athletes Are Getting A Reputation To Match Their Fans

July 1, 2009 – 9:10 am by Jimmy Shapiro

I stress the word reputation because the stigma for Philadelphia fans is a bit unfair.  There are unruly fans in every stadium and arena around the country.  Even in Utah!  When I went to an Eagles game in San Francisco in 1995, the Eagles got off to a 14-0 lead and me and my buddy where cheering like crazy.  Next thing I know I’m getting pelted in the back of the head by an aluminum foil ball.  I turn around to confront the guy that threw it and it’s a Rastafarian looking dude with no legs in the wheelchair section.  Cowardly by the Bob Marley wannabe, but needless to say I wasn’t about to throw down with a paraplegic.  So you see, Philadelphia didn’t corner the market on incorrigible fans.  They’re tame in comparison to a European soccer game and their championship celebration for the Phillies had less police incidents than just about every other city that’s recently won a title.

Back to the story at hand…Robert Eaton at a Tampa Bay Rays home game claims he was struck by Phillies reliever J.C. Romero.  Eaton said he asked for an autograph and after getting rebuffed by Romero started in with the steroid remarks (here’s the story).  On a side note, autographs are lame.  Especially when it’s a grown man asking for them.  Grow the eff up, it’s just a signature on a piece of paper.  After the remarks, that’s were it reportedly got physical.  If the story is true, Romero needs to just walk away.  I know it’s easier said than done and that Robert Eaton is a tool for saying that, but that’s unfortunately part of today’s game. If this happened in Philadelphia, we’d be reading another story about snowballs and Santa Claus and how the Philadelphia sports fans are the worst.

Robert Eaton and his lawyer Jim Magazine joined WIP in Philadelphiato discuss their side of the story.  Eaton talks of a neck injury and I can totally see a Brady Bunch type neck brace in court setting for this clown.

What happened?

“Thursday in Tampa after the baseball game, I went down to the wall, pretty close to the bullpen as far as where the Phillies pitchers were and tried to get some autographs from the players. They all kind of shrugged me off. JC Romero was the last one, he left the bullpen by himself. After he shrugged me off, I made a comment to him about his steroid use. He stopped right in his tracks, he approached me at the wall where I was standing and he proceeded to me and told me to shut the F up and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told him I know he did 50 games for steroids. When he proceeded to tell me to shut the F up, I said, “the fact of it is you served 50 games for steroids.” At that time, that’s when he physically touched me.”

Is he a Phillies fan?

“I’m a Rays fan but I’m also a huge sports fan. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to getting into sports game. I have eight autographs I got from games this year. I just love all sports, it doesn’t matter what team, I just love that aspect, that privilege to interact with these guys and get autographs.”

What now?

“I was physically hurt. I have a neck injury right now. [Attorney chimes in] Right now, we haven’t determined the nature and extent of the injury. We’ll be seeking compensation for the medical bills and the injuries he sustained. We sent a letter to the Phillies and Mr. Romero and we’ll send him all the documentation outlining the nature and extent of his injuries. If we can resolve it without a lawsuit, we’ll be happy to do so.”

Listen to Robert Eaton and his attorney Jim Magazine on WIP in Philadephia with Angelo Cataldi

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