Richard Jefferson Hints Jason Kidd Is Headed To The Knicks

July 2, 2009 – 6:30 am by Tas Melas

Ever since Richard Jefferson mocked the Raptors franchise for having their fans wear the same color as his opposing Nets in a playoff series, I’ve despised the man.  Rightfully so, obviously.  He thanked the Raptor fans for supporting the Nets by wearing red and I supported a career ending injury caused by Rasho Nesterovic.  As he heads to the Spurs in that huge steal by the San An front office, it’s hard not to think of him as the one of the best fourth options in the league.  Spurs fans were going crazy after the rare sight of seeing their team limp out in the first round.  If Manu Ginobili loses his limp, this team vaults along side the Lakers and just above the Nuggets out west, in my opinion.  Richard Jefferson joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his bond with Tim Duncan, he drops a hint about Jason Kidd’s destination, and he tells us what we all know about the NCAA.

On the moment he found out he was headed to San Antonio:

“It was so crazy.  My girlfriend, I was actually in North Carolina for her great grandmother’s funeral, so it was like her mother was coming to pick me up, and then I get the phone call about this.  So, there’s was so much mixed emotions going on at the time.  I was kinda surprised and shocked to tell you the truth.  The fact that San Antonio was able to keep their three main players was even more impressive, it was even more of a shock.  It immediately got a buzz going on my phone and in my head.”

Which Spur did you speak to first after you were traded?

“The first one I spoke to was probably Tim Duncan – he texted me a couple of times.  We had a pretty good relationship on that ‘stellar’ USA team back in 2004, so, you know, I think we bonded through stress over that experience.  We always would joke and talk to each other and kept in touch.  So, he was ready, he was excited – I tell you what, to have the opportunity to play with him and (Gregg) Popovich, you know, is one of the biggest thrills of my career.”

Are you surprised by this 13-year-old who kind of committed to Lane Kiffin?

“The NCAA, let’s be real, the NCAA is all about money.  That’s what the age limit has to do with the NBA, there are so many things that are involved in making money for schools and making sure these coaches can get their extensions that these things don’t surprise me.  The more Lane Kiffin does these types of things, the more his name gets in the news, the more big time recruits see his name, it’s only positive for the university.”

Is Jason Kidd attending your wedding?

“I do not know if Jason Kidd is attending, right now he’s dealing with free agency, and he’s gonna be a Knick.  (Host: Ya think so?)  Yes, well, yeah, I hope for him – he loves New York, we both really love New York.  (Host: Wait, did he tell you he’s gonna play for the Knicks?)  No, no, no, no, no, he never said those words, but I… (Host: Are you sweating right now)  No, I’m not sweating right now!”

Listen to Richard Jefferson on The Dan Patrick Show

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