Don’t Talk To Paul Pierce When He’s Playing Craps

July 3, 2009 – 3:23 am by Jimmy Shapiro

So it’s 2:52 in the morning Vegas time on Friday morning and I was heading back to my room at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  I’ve seen dozens of superstar athletes gambling over the years in Vegas from Dennis Rodman to Sammy Sosa to Joe Pesci to the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 when they were still a big deal.   As a matter of fact, I saw Amare Stoudemire earlier tonight.  Not sure he’s really 6’10”, I forgot my ruler.  Anyway, sometimes I talk to the guys and sometimes I don’t.  Actually did a shot with Rodman when he was still with the Spurs and was only semi-crazy.  Yes, I’m showing my age.

So I’m heading back to my room and I see Paul Pierce playing craps.  Obviously, he wasn’t part of the contingency romancing Rasheed Wallace to the Celtics on Thursday or most likely on Friday.  I’m in a semi-Red Bull and Vodka daze, but not enough that I don’t have my bearings or really need to worry about spelling words incorrectly.  I watch him play craps for a few minutes and when a lull in the action occurs, I say “I thought you were supposed to be wooing Sheed”.  The Truth didn’t take too kindly to my statement.  He then says, “Oh man, can’t I get any privacy! Shouldn’t you be looking for girls.”  I then tell him I’m married and Pierce then says to me “Then why are you in Vegas?”  My response is I’m here on business working with Doyle Brunson for the WSOP Main Event.  He loses his roll of the dice and slams his hand down on the craps table as hard as he can.  I’m not sure if I should feel guilty, not give a crap, or run as fast as I can.

I decide to stay for another minute.  He mutters some more stuff under his breath and then offers to buy shots for me since I’m not chasing women.  I politely decline and head back up to my room as I have a 7:15 am wake up call.

I’m new to this whole blog business and wasn’t sure if I should write this post or not.  After waffling for the the three minutes from the craps table to my room I decided to write about my experience.  I guess it’s newsworthy since there was talk of him meeting with Rasheed Wallace to try to sway his decision towards the Celtics.  Plus I want this site to include my experiences in the past and present with athletes.

Thankfully, I’ve never been starstruck by athletes, but I definitely have a general curiosity.  It’s not like I interrupted him in the middle of dinner.  He was playing craps.  There was an opening so I had to ask him.  Truthfully, I’m curious what people think about this.  Did I step over the line?  Did Pierce have a right to react the way he did or does that come with the territory of being famous?  Let me know what you think.  Hit me back at

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  1. 16 Responses to “Don’t Talk To Paul Pierce When He’s Playing Craps”

  2. He did offer to buy you a shot.

    By The Truth on Jul 3, 2009

  3. Neither of you “stepped over the line”. You approached him, which is fine, and he made it clear that he wanted to be left alone, which is also fine.

    Celebrities are people, just like the rest of us. It was 2:52 am, and you called him out on something. Its not hard to see why he would react the way he did. People, especially celebrities, just want to be left alone sometimes.

    I don’t think he was particularly rude and I don’t think you were out of line either.

    By aj on Jul 3, 2009

  4. Well it was 3am and he was probably losing money @the casino (as most of us do) so he had every right to be a little snippy.
    He didn’t get security, his or the casino’s… which with his status, will run as soon as they hear too much ice jingling… then he fumed quietly & offered you a drink… I’d say your a bed wetting loser if you think he overreacted. Most of my best friends would treat me (and their GF’s) worse everytime they came into a “3am & down 3g’s” situation.
    Go cry tears into a draft beer mug and chug

    By rke on Jul 3, 2009


    By lff on Jul 3, 2009

  6. If that was LBJ, AI, or even AI2 you wouldn’t be allowed to get near that table to talk. Your lucky that wasn’t KG you called out cause he woulda tossed you around like those dice. I don’t know why your HATING on paul pierce when he is obviously a chill guy.

    This isn’t reporting.

    Be a man and keep stuff like this to yourself.

    By ftw on Jul 3, 2009

  7. Craps unlike poker is strickly chance weighted in the house’s favor of winning. People who roll the bones are generally superstitous and will stand on one foot, only handle the dice with one hand and eat horse turds to roll the winning combo, and be curt will people trying to spy on their MOJO at work. Rasheed is Moslim and doesn’t drink or gamble.

    By SteFin on Jul 3, 2009

  8. Since I’m a Cavs fan I’ll say you absolutely should have posted about it. As for the whole LeBron wouldn’t let you get close, well, LeBron wouldn’t be standing in the open at a craps table at 2:30 in the morning. Ever. He probably practices his three point shooting at the time. Passing starts at 4AM.

    By Shane on Jul 3, 2009

  9. Well I would like to say i would’ve played it cool, and wouldnt have irritated Paul as you did but I being a Paul Pierce fan, and living in a small town, I problably would have ran upstairs to get my sharpie And my P.P. jersey ran down and really pissed him off..I think he handled it pretty well..Iwork at a Dealership and like i said live in a small town and sometimes you dont even want to see customers for fear that you end up in a half hour long conversation abou nothing.. so i say kudos to Paul hell you almost got a free drink out of it..

    By JE33 on Jul 3, 2009

  10. Paul Pierce is a little bizatch anyway. Nice play on the pic too… that embodies exactly the reason I hate him. He heard a ‘pop’ in the finals, had his entire team parade him out like he’d just had his legs amputated and then returned to the game 5 minutes later. What an f’ing drama queen piece of garbage.

    By Fu on Jul 3, 2009

  11. As for Pierce faking his injury… that’s nonsense. If you’re going to make the claim… then prove it.
    He recovered quickly? Yes… it’s called adreaniline and a will to win .. he’s not garbage .. he’s a great all around player, and that’s injury doesn’t take away Pierce greatness .. he’s second to King James in Forward position remember that ..

    By JJ on Jul 3, 2009

  12. Pierce reacting that way shouldnt be a shock to anyone. While he is a great bball player (2nd best forward…LOL, NOT, ask KG), he’s not really the kindest guy. I’ve taken care of PP in the past, and he isn’t the most pleasant person. You’re not wrong in blogging it, thats what blogging is about. P.S.–Lebron NEEDS to be practicing his 19 foot 1 dribble pull up J, see Kobe.

    By jfo on Jul 3, 2009

  13. He’s a celebrity and should expect it. He deserves to be bothered every day of his life for proclaiming himself the “best player in the world”…LOL. Just don’t bother Kobe and you’re all good in my book.

    By Suki on Jul 4, 2009

  14. then who do you proclaim second best small forward in the league? .. Carmelo Anthony ?? .. oh no, no way …

    By JJ on Jul 4, 2009

  15. Probably still grieving over their loss to the Magic. I’m curious, was he throwing the dice in slowmo too just like his moves on the court?

    By bamboo sprouts on Jul 5, 2009

  16. A man with a losing hand buys you a drink while you heckle him… but you leave like your too good for it. To be honest you sound pretentious and look like your trying to add smoke where there’s no fire.

    Good day sir!

    By the_truth on Jul 7, 2009

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