Jason Kidd: I Was Very Close To Signing With New York

July 9, 2009 – 6:30 am by Tas Melas

Many will look at Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks signing the 36-year-old Jason Kidd to a three-year contract and laugh.  Unless billionaire Cubes can invent a youthful elixir, Kidd isn’t getting any better – he is what he is.  He can still pass, rebound, and shoot a little bit, but the guy has lost his ability to penetrate, is often dead weight on the offensive end, and gets beat like a rented mule at the defensive end.  There are a couple positives here: first, the intelligent mind of Donnie Walsh in New York wanted him as well – that makes sense because of the wide open offense they run.  Second, with the Mavericks acquiring Shawn Marion today, they now have a guy who can guard the other team’s point guard – a huge, huge benefit.  Jason Kidd joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss why he chose Dallas over New York, if any other teams were in the running, why Dennis Rodman was ahead of his time, and he reveals that he’s never been dunked on… ever.

Was anyone else interested in you other than Dallas and New York?

“Those were the two teams – to have the opportunity to play in New York, in the sense of the Garden.  (Host: How close were you to going to New York?)  I was very close, New York did everything right in the sense of the three-year contract, but Cuban and the Mavs stepped up, and I think we’re pretty close to competing with the Lakers, and the elite teams, Denver, in the western conference.  So, I thought it was best for me to stay.”

Since Dallas is already a better team than New York, did that factor in to your decision?

“I wanna win and nobody talks about it, but to keep Dallas in the playoffs and the streak that they have of winning 50 games for the last, I think, 9 seasons – that’s a great challenge.  The western conference isn’t easy, so, it should be a lot of fun.  And, Cuban’s a great owner, Carlisle’s a great coach, having those pieces, and Dirk, and what he means to the team, and how easy it is to get open shots playing through him, the game becomes a bit easier.”

What’s it feel like to get dunked on?

“I haven’t had that feeling yet.  (Oh, really, in all your years playing hoops, huh?)  Nah, uh uh, I know when to get out of the way… It’s being smart, it’s not cowardly, some people you just know you can’t get to the tenth floor – if you can’t get that high, move out of the way.”

Did you ever look at look at Dennis Rodman and think, man, that guy is strange?

“I think he was ahead of his time – he was the Pistol Pete.  Pistol Pete was ahead of his time on the court, I think Dennis Rodman was just a little bit ahead of his time off the court when you see what’s taking place now.  (Host: Well, nobody’s wearing a dress though!)  Well, I mean, again, he was ahead of his time (laughs).  (Host: Wait, are you wearing dresses now?)  No, no, no, I’m just saying the creativity, the thought.  He did everything, I think, it was all calculated, he thought it through, he knew how to market himself, he didn’t need a company, he did it on his own.  And, I think, he was pretty smart about the whole thing.”

Listen to Jason Kidd on The Dan Patrick Show (starts at 1:15)

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  1. 5 Responses to “Jason Kidd: I Was Very Close To Signing With New York”

  2. Oh man, I just love Jason Kidd, he is the best PG of our time. Go Jason, get your championship ring with Mavs!!

    By irismichelee on Jul 9, 2009

  3. Hey Tas,

    Just a quick note that in the last answer, it should probably read that “he thought it through” and not “threw”. Sorry to nitpick.

    Keep up the good work!

    By Zerokool on Jul 9, 2009

  4. Never been dunked on, huh? I believe it. But I hear he got b!tch-slapped by his wife on the daily.

    By J-money on Jul 9, 2009

  5. Never dunked on…. I know he got dunked on by Kendrick johnson back in 93 at nba summer game.. Everyone was there. I saw the tape

    By Ant-b on Jul 9, 2009

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