Hulk Hogan Appreciation Day Today in Chicago!

July 10, 2009 – 8:15 am by Lance Zimmerman

When I was 8 years old, everyday was Hulk Hogan Appreciation Day. There was no one bigger in the sporting world than Hulk Hogan. That’s right, I lumped wrestling and the WWF/WWE into the sporting world. Lets face it these guys are athletes, and as we’ve found out thanks to NBA referee Tim Donaghy, wrestling isn’t the only sport with a pre-determined outcome.

The Hulkster has definitely seen better days however in terms of a normal life. He’s currently tied up in an expensive divorce. His son was released from prison last year. His daughter now has her own realty show which has turned her life into a mess, and his wife is dating a 20 year old Hulk Hogan look alike without the muscles that went to high school with her daughter.

Still, through it all, Hulk still preaches the same message: “eat your vitamins and say your prayers – brother!”  Hulk Hogan joined WSCR  in Chicago plug his event today as well as to talk about his reality show and how he’s dealing with not being Hulk Hogan everyday.

On how he’s feeling physically these days:

“I’ve had a couple of back surgeries here in the last four months but to tell you the truth everyday gets better. You’ve got to understand that after 30 years of jumping up in the air and landing on my tailbone and all the bumps and bruises from wrestling, because I think I did it more than anybody because there was no Rock, or no Stone Cold around for the first 20 years so I was kind of running hard trying to cover all bases. I beat myself up pretty good. I’ve had some elbow surgeries, a knee replacement, a hip replacement, had a couple of back surgeries, but everyday it’s getting better.”

Hulk was asked if he has any regrets for signing up to the reality tv series Hogan Knows Best:

“I kind of went from being this crazy wrestler and then all of the sudden I became a dad, a father. I became a real person to a lot of people. They saw I had issues with my family, my kids, my wife, money problems and keeping the kids in line. So I became a real dad, father and husband. The fan base broadened. It’s incredible to look at the demo(graphic) of people who know me and follow me and are really nice to me. Even before the show started, not with my kids, there were situations with my wife and I that were getting tough. Things were broken already. She and I were going in different directions. We actually looked at the show and kind of hoped and praying that it would bring us all together and kind of fix things in a way. At the end of the day with things spinning out of control and going in different directions it put a spot light on us. I don’t regret it because I was praying and hoping the whole time that it would keep us together.”

On if it’s hard divorcing himself from the Hulk Hogan character:

“I’ve had several people around me, friends around me like Eric Bischoff, and Vince McMahon, and wrestling friends like Brutus (the Barber Beefcake) and Brian Knobbs, so many people telling me ‘oh my gosh, the Hulk Hogan character might be ruined if you do a reality show and they see you’re a normal person.’. I didn’t really worry about it. Back in the 80’s when Vince McMahon told the whole world that wrestling was an exhibition and not a legitimate sporting event, so many people said ‘oh he’s going to ruin the business.’. What it did is that it made wrestling huge. People got curious instead of just beer drinkers and cigar smokers. Families showed up because instead of blood and guts, and the beer drinkers and cigar smokers wanting to see people get hurt, killed and bleed, the families would show up and they kind of knew it was an exhibition. I felt that same way about letting my guard down and letting people into my home. I thought you know what, it might just work the same as wrestling. Instead of ruining my Hulk Hogan career, people are going to see that I’m a dad and a good person, a father and a husband and I’ve got the same problems that they do, it might make people warm up more and get more interested. And that’s what it did.”

Listen to Hulk Hogan on WSCR in Chicago with Mully and Hanley

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