Houston Nutt Eager For Reality Show, 2009 Season To Start

July 13, 2009 – 12:45 pm by Michael Bean

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. It’s gotten him in trouble in several instances throughout his career. But his propensity to lead fledgling programs back to relevancy has kept him employed at major college football programs since leaving Boise State after the 1997 season. Nutt joined 790 The Zone in Atlanta to talk about the reality show his team will be on this year and how he thinks he, his staff and his players will be able to overcome the distractions inherent in participating in order to win games in the uber-competitive SEC.

On his team’s upcoming reality T.V. show Gridiron U. and if there’s any concern that too much information is revealed about the way things are conducted behind the scenes:

“You know, we talked long and hard about that, went back and forth. You know we live in this world of Twitter, and this world of information that’s out there all the time. And the thing we want to be able to do is to sell to some student athletes, recruits, that hey, this is what this program’s all about, this is what are players are about. I just feel pretty good – I’ve discussed things with Gridiron U. and our players. And we’ve got to be able to handle it. And hopefully we put blinders on and go to work. They will be here a total of about two and a half weeks; maybe three if they can get here the last week of workouts in the summer. So, we’ll see how that goes.”

On how he will get his team to build upon their success last year to take the program to the next level, particularly consistency-wise:

“You look back, even when Eli Manning and them went to the Cotton Bowl, the next year I think they won three or four games. It’s been very up and down. And then of course the three or four years leading up to this past year, there were no Bowls, nothing. And you just talk hard about the consistency, and about the juniors that are now seniors, taking the baton from the seniors and saying hey, this is your football team, you’ve got to take ownership. It’s about coming to work everyday.”

Listen here to Nutt on 790 The Zone in Atlanta

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