George Karl: I Told Dunleavy Iverson Could Work In LA

July 17, 2009 – 8:30 am by Tas Melas

Do the Clippers want to take this chance?  Really?  A team with a wretched history finally has things turning around, finally has a couple young studs in Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin, finally has fans mildly enthusiastic about the future, and they’re thinking about signing Allen Iverson?  I love AI as a person, I love the heart he shows both on and off the court (recently crying at a press conference regarding his scholarship program), but that doesn’t mean he’s a fit on the floor.  Even if George Karl’s words below are correct, the risk isn’t worth taking.  Clipper brass should act like good parents and provide their young players a pleasant environment in which to grow; not that AI is a hazard to an NBA environment, but with a somewhat similar player in Baron Davis, and seeing what happened in Detroit, fuggheadaboutit.  George Karl joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss why Dunleavy’s system might be right for AI, that Dunleavy has to convince AI he needs to come off the bench, and why Iverson didn’t work in Detroit.

If you were giving advice to the Clippers on signing on Allen Iverson, what would you say?

“I actually spent about a half hour with Mike Dunleavy last night, I told him: ‘If you can get AI to come off the bench and buy in to being a scorer off the bench, I think it can work.’  And, Mike – certain systems and certain styles of coaches – I think Dunleavy plays a way that AI can fit in to.  If you’re going to be a team oriented, ball movement offensive team, I don’t think that fits, but I think Mike likes to run some isolations, he likes to run spacing sets, and I think AI could fit in there.”

Did you bring up Iverson or did Dunleavy?

“He brought it up; we actually met on something else, actually a business situation.  We’re part owners in a hotel in Costa Rica that we wanted to talk about, and then we started talking about AI.”

Do you think the Clippers get Iverson?

“Of the offers, from my knowledge, I would think AI would lean towards a bigger city like LA or Miami.”

So, your advice was positive with AI going to the Clippers?

“I did not have a problem with AI.”

On Detroit being the wrong system for him:

“Detroit runs 100 plays.  They’ve been the most play oriented offensive team for six, seven years.”

Why bring him in if your offense runs all these plays?  He doesn’t fit, right?

“It’s the schism between personnel and coaching – I think personnel sometimes think they’ll adjust, they’ll make the adjustments, they’ll figure it out.  And, then you got a young coach like Michael Curry that might not have the versatility to figure it out.”

Listen to George Karl on The Dan Patrick Show

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  1. 2 Responses to “George Karl: I Told Dunleavy Iverson Could Work In LA”

  2. Iverson is too great of a player to come off the bench. If these teams want to win they should start AI. Why try to insult him or hurt his amazing career and legacy. Give AI the chance to repair the awful damage that Detroit did to him. If the coach see it’s not working by AI starting, then bring him from the bench. I think AI will totaly agree and corporate. AI just want to help his team win and to regain the respect he deserves.

    By sweetrose on Jul 18, 2009

  3. So should only come off the bench if he is the third best guard on the team. He should be able to compete for the starting position. Isn’t that the american way? Why ask George Karl – he threw so under the bus!

    By Judy on Jul 18, 2009

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