Peter Vecsey: I Thought About Declining Hall Of Fame Induction

July 17, 2009 – 6:45 am by Tas Melas

Peter Vecsey has never shied away from being critical and relaying his take on NBA players, whether nice or not.  So did you think he would stop now because he’s been elected to the Hall?  Not bloody likely.  His words, as you’ll read below, remain sharp and poignant.  His work is over the top much of the time but I appreciate his attempts at humor in an industry where the funnies are not part of the job description.  Whether in print, audio, or video form, Vecsey is rarely boring – something which cannot be said for many in his position.  Peter Vecsey joined Boomer and Carton on WFAN to discuss how he thought he was being ‘Punk’d’ when he received the call, that he was thinking about declining the Hall’s invitation, how his son changed his mind, who may give his induction speech, and how he should have been in 10 years ago.

Had you come to a point where you said, ‘I’m getting a little older, there’s no chance I’m getting in?’  Had you kind of reconciled that?

“Yeah, I tell people I reconciled it and I lied, but, getting older, yeah, I could be humble about this but it’s not really in my bones – I believe I should have been in ten years ago.  Again, the style has kept it out, but again, that was my choice.  I think it was a good choice because I’ve learned early on in this profession if you’re not making people angry at you, you’re not doing you’re job.  I’ve never taken any prisoners, starting with Michael Jordan, who by the way, is riding my coattails in to the Hall of Fame.”

Do you think your style kept you out of consideration?  Any thought on declining?

“I would take on anybody if I thought they deserved it.  So, that’s gotten me in problems with people, but it worked out and I was gonna turn it down, and then I looked at my son.  I saw the look on his face when I told him that I was going in to the Hall of Fame and that ended that thought.  (Host: You could have pulled a Harry Carson and said, ‘Take me off the ballot!’)  I honestly did think about that and I did think about Carson.”

Who’s going to read your induction speech?

“I’m thinking about Ron Artest actually, or he might write my speech.  (Host: Maybe he’ll rap it for you, he’s got a little rap career going).  My wife wants me to do a rap; we’re big on Biggie, little combination of Biggie and Eminem.”

Where were you when you got the call?

“Right where I’m standing right now, out of the blue, about a week ago.  I thought it was a crank call actually, I thought I was being ‘Punk’d.'”

Listen to Peter Vescey on WFAN with Boomer and Carton

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