Richard Jefferson: The Media Reports About My Wedding Are False

July 17, 2009 – 5:45 am by Tas Melas

Life as a celebrity is absolutely terrible at times.  Is all the fame and fortune worth this?  Richard Jefferson, forward for the Spurs, recently called off his wedding.  Rumors were that he left his fiancee, Kesha Ni’cole Nichols, at the altar, telling her only two hours before; also, people are claiming he’s homosexual, that he paid her off, etcetera.  So, then the man has to come out and deny these allegations because the New York Post ran with these inaccuracies which he claims to have come from someone on her side.  Ah, the drama.  Can’t a man just make a decision, which in this case looks like the right decision?  It’s really a no win situation for RJ – they get married, eventually get divorced and then people begin questioning: Did she sign a prenup?  Did he cheat on her?  How much cash did he give her?  This way, he calls it off before it turns sour, but, people / media will always find the negative angle, even if it’s untrue.  At the same time, I’m sure the general population will have forgotten about this before the season begins.  I take it back – all the fame and fortune is worth it.  Richard Jefferson joined The Dan Patrick Show to give his side of the story: there was no Black American Express card, there was no calling off the wedding two hours prior, there was no two million dollar wedding, etcetera.

Can you give us your side of the story, Richard?

“This is what happened, this is the entire truth.  We had been dealing with some stuff, we were at a wedding the weekend before and we’d been arguing non-stop.  On Sunday, we were arguing a bunch and she flew out to New York and I stayed in LA, and just because we were arguing non-stop, there was a lot of screaming, yelling, crying, just a lot of that going on, interrupting each other in conversation.  I basically wrote an email, just to get all my thoughts down: saying these are my problems, this is my situation, this is what’s going on, this is how I’m feeling.  She got it the next morning, again, the writing was on the wall when you argue for however many days straight, the writing was on the wall.  I write this email, I talk to her for two hours after – it wasn’t like I wrote this and then didn’t talk – talked to her for two hours, and basically was like, ‘You know what?  This is how I feel, I’m sticking by it.’  And, then that’s it.  That was on Monday, so Monday morning, I write an email to all my family and friends saying we’re no longer gonna continue.  And, then on Tuesday, I got her email list, sent it to all of her family and friends on Tuesday.  So, by Tuesday night, everyone in our group, on both sides, knew that the wedding was off, but again, there’s people out there right now from different situations that are trying to ruin my name… It was called off the Monday before on my end – we talked about it on Sunday – but it was called off the Monday before on my end, Tuesday her people knew, there was no two hours… The whole two million dollar wedding: I did not pay a quarter of that.  A quarter of that.  That is completely false!  A two million dollar wedding?  Like, are you kidding me?”

Why did you give her a six-figure sum after calling off the wedding?

“She had been following me and supporting me over my career, and obviously whenever you break up with someone… I didn’t have to do anything, I chose to give her an amount – when you say six figures, it wasn’t even like that.  I gave her an amount to help her start her life over with, to help her go get an apartment, that she wouldn’t have to worry about money for at least a year or two, to help her move on with her life.  I believe that is a fair thing to do; it’s not something that I had to do, it’s not something that I needed to do, it’s something that I wanna do because I care about her.”

How are you feeling now?

“I’m upset; I lost my best friend.  She was somebody that was very, very close to me – had been there for me, I had been there for her through so many times.  It’s just when you start dating and you’re really young and you both make a lot of mistakes in a relationship, and then when you do try and make it right there’s just so much hostility and animosity from things that have happened in the past that it’s tough to move forward.”

Why are these rumors being spread?

“You have to get a feeling that there’s probably some people who aren’t very happy with me right now, and so, I’m not blaming her, but at the same point and time, it would be good if she came out and made a statement.  Not asking her to lie, not asking her to be nice, she can be mean, but just tell the truth.  Tell what really happened: say listen, ‘We talked to our people a week before the wedding’.  Say that, ‘There was no email that was sent two hours before, the wedding didn’t cost two million dollars.’  That pretty much takes away that entire like, BS story.”

How to you respond to those rumors which question your sexuality?

“That’s the part that I was upset about the most, is that these things get brought in to it.  Like, come on people, let’s be realistic.  Just because I called off a wedding because I’m not ready to get married right now, or just because we’ve been through so much, now people wanna talk trash.  And, the worst thing that you can do to an athlete or to someone in this position is question them on that level.”

Listen to Richard Jefferson on The Dan Patrick Show

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