Jared Allen is Tired of the Hurry Up and Waiting

July 23, 2009 – 6:00 am by Lance Zimmerman

Add Jared Allen to the list of people who want Brett Favre to make up his mind already as to if he’s coming back for his 112th season in the NFL. Favre, who is supposed to make his announcement on Friday as to his status of retirement seems to be wearing a bit on the Vikings players with his waiting game antics.


Allen also spent some time in warm Southern California attending the ESPY Awards. While Allen’s excuse for attending was “because my publicist told me to be there – pretty simple”, he definitely turned a few heads, and this time without grabbing anyone’s facemask. His attire was somewhat of a homage to Burt Reynolds in the movie The Longest Yard.

Jared Allen joined WHB in Kansas City on Wednesday to talk about his ESPY experience, things he’s heard about the new coaching staff for the Chiefs and of course Brett Favre.

On the expectations placed on the Vikings entering this season:

“Last year was a lot of me getting to know the system and the guys. This year we’re all on the same page. Really we don’t have too many young guys at too many positions so training camp for us is just going to be a time to polish up what we already know and get ready to get to the pre season and get on with week 1 and make this run. We have a talented team and we do have high expectations. I think the expectations within our own organization are much higher than those in the public.”

Jared was asked if he’s talked to any of his former teammates in Kansas City and if he’s gotten a feel from them on how strict things are under the new regime:

“We were talking about that the other day. I think you have to have a new change. Everything obviously wasn’t going very well. When Herm (Edwards) came in there he had to get rid of the Vermiel way and do it his way. I’m sure that’s what Scott Pioli and those guys are doing. They’ve talked about the positive-ness of the expectation of excellence. They (Pioli and staff) bring a winning and championship attitude. I’ve heard it’s pretty much on lockdown around there, but people have their own way of doing things.”

On what he thinks of the prospects of playing with Brett Favre this year:

“If we can get him, lets get him. He’s obviously a great player. It’s kind of at that point in the off season, we’ve got camp in less than a week and a half, and we need to know. I think that’s the biggest thing for myself. I just want to know. I’m a huge fan of Brett Favre. I think he’s a tremendous quarterback. He’s a tremendous overall football player. It’s to the point though that we need to know. Lets get on with it because we’ve got things we’re trying to do. The goals of our season are bigger than one man.”

Jared was asked about his trip out to the ESPY Awards:

“It was great. Me and Boomer were out last minute trying to find Dumb and Dumber tuxedos and we were going to cane sword fight down the red carpet. I thought that might bring a little class to the event. I thought ‘you know what, I’m in LA, might as well go with my Burt Reynolds replica jump suit’ from the original Longest Yard, you know the opening scene where the girl is throwing him out of the house, and lets trash up the carpet a bit ya know? Lets bring the mullet back in full effect. It was pretty cool.”

Listen to Jared Allen on WHB in Kansas City with the Border Patrol

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