Terry Francona: Dice-K Is In A Pretty Good Place

July 30, 2009 – 9:30 am by Tas Melas

Daisuke Matsuzaka made a mistake when he went public with his comments about the Red Sox’ rehab plans for his shoulder.  He doesn’t like the methods or schedule, and maybe he’s done it differently on his teams in the past, but either way, he should have kept quiet with the press and voiced his displeasure behind closed doors.  I think we all know that nothing good can come of us yapping about our issues with someone outside the circle of people we’re dealing with.  If there were cameras and microphones in our pedestrian faces all the time, sure, we would definitely reveal some tidbits we shouldn’t, however, when we do, beatings will follow (hopefully just verbal).  Apparently, Dice-K and manager Terry Francona have dealt with this and moved on; this story has erupted because we’re talking about the Sox, but if handled with some civility, I doubt it’ll hinder the duo’s relationship.  Francona joined Dale and Holley on WEEI to discuss the Red Sox’ take on the situation, his conversations with Dice-K, and where the pitcher’s head’s at.

On how the Sox felt after the incident and his talks with Dice-K:

“We were disappointed… There was a lot of communication that needed to happen; it’s not always hugs and giggles, there’s a lot of strong personalities, that’s what you need to have good players.  I think we felt a little bit like he betrayed our trust.  Now saying that, I’ve talked to Dice-K probably six times, and talked to him again this morning on the way to the ballpark, and explained to him how this is gonna work.  And, how it works is that not everybody’s perfect, myself included – actually I told him, besides myself – and that we’ve all made mistakes and what’s important is how we move on after those mistakes.”

On what Dice-K said and how he feels:

“He agreed, he was actually great.  I think he owns up to the fact that he made a mistake; I think it transpired a little bit differently than I understood at the time.  I don’t think he ran out of the meeting and ran to somebody and vented, I think it was a little bit different.  Regardless, it still happened and we were kind of agitated.  I think he’s in a pretty good place actually.  This will blow over, my job now is to help him stay going in the right direction, ’cause I think he feels he’s in a pretty good place.  I know it doesn’t sound like it from listening to the interview, but I think he feels pretty good about himself.”

On the Dice-K experience since he got to Boston:

“This has been a give and take since he’s gotten here, and there’s been a lot of give and take.  There’s been a lot of difference of opinions and certainly we understand that… At the same time, when you come to the United States and play baseball here, there are different rigors: from the schedule, to when you’re pitching.  We want this guy to hold up over the course of his career, and just like very pitcher we talk about, be successful, be healthy, and be productive.”

Listen to Terry Francona with Dale and Holley on WEEI

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