Deja Vu! Jake Peavy Traded To The White Sox.

July 31, 2009 – 3:52 pm by Lance Zimmerman

In May, the White Sox and Padres agreed on a deal that would have sent Jake Peavy to Chicago to bolster their starting rotation. Peavy however nixed the dealthanks to a no-trade clause he has in his contract. Initially it was thought he invoked his no-trade clause because the White Sox were playing poorly (which he confirms) and his strong preference to stay in the National League (which he denies).

Peavy, who landed on the DL in mid June with a strained tendon in his right ankle is still hobbled by the injury. The White Sox don’t even expect him to take the mound until late August at the earliest.

Jake Peavy joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego immediately short after news of the trade came down to tell us all why he approved the trade this second go-round.

On why he accepted this deal now:

“The thing is now that a lot of things have changed since May when the deal was first proposed. First off the White Sox are in this thing. They’re a contending team and at the time they weren’t any better or contending anymore than we (San Diego) were. I think the biggest thing is when a team and my team the San Diego Padres, continually express interest that we have to get rid of you we need to trade you and we have to have meeting after meeting asking me to be more open-minded about leaving, and they expressed that fact so many times. When you have one team that does what the White Sox do and just keep knocking at the door saying ‘listen, we want you on this team. We want you in Chicago for the next three years.’ It gets persuasive. I’m certainly not scared to pitch in the American League and that’s not why I stayed in the National League.”

Peavy was asked about how much the trade talks had gotten to him:

“It just weighs on you. When you constantly hear it talked about, it’s not like I was just hearing this talked about. The team was telling me and meeting with me saying ‘listen we have to trade you. When you come back, you’re on a showcase. We need to get rid of you.’ That’s not something that’s fun to hear. Just from where the team is, I think financially, and from the way we’re playing at this standpoint, I understand. On the other side of the deal, when one team expresses three-times more interest in you than the other teams and still wants to trade for me when I’m hurt and wants me to not only just come back and be part but also want me for the next three years, that makes a big difference.”

Listen to Jake Peavy on XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Darren Smith

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